Season 20 TS playoffs preview

Posted by Biddle on 26/06/2016 18:45
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For the TS playoffs UrbanZone presents you a personnal preview of all the coming matches. It was writen and thought by ShouShou, the leader of the somewhat sleeping Aera eSport team.

It comes out pretty obviously to me, but regarding the coments I received I prefer to highlight the following : this preview and all it's points are only based on a player's gameplay. They were expressed by the writer based on the match and information he has gathered himself. It only represents his personal analysis of a given situation, it is definitly not an objective critic and is of course subject to contradictions.

The number on the right of each playe represents their Rating during the 2016 seasons in TS games. It paints how great they played during this period. It only includes the fragging department and does not necessary highlight the contribution they have to their respective team (medkit/supportive players are fucked :P).
- A rating of 1 should represents the exact average division 1 player.
- A rating of 2 would mean a player is twice better than average in "fragging" stats.

To make it short, the rating ranks are more or less just based on K/D ratio.

Now, click on Read more... to see what Shoushou has got to tell us !

Groups published for season 27/20/12

Posted by Biddle on 22/05/2016 16:00
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It's time for the 27th CTF season, the 20th TS season and the 12th BM season. The group draw was not live on twitch this time due to time limitations and some technical challenges. Nevertheless it was recorded live and is available below.

Like every season, the referees will be available to answer any questions via PM or on IRC #urban-zone. If you would like to assist us in the competition's organization, please contact an admin.

For rule changes click "read more"

The first ever 2 vs 2 winners have been crowned!

Posted by SevenofNine on 27/04/2016 12:00
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The first Urban Zone 2vs2 tournament was held on Saturday the 23rd of april. It was the first event that had a cash prize consisting of 20 euro's. However this prize could be increased by the viewers of the live stream. Donations and subscriptions would be added to the prize pool. Several very generous members of the community did just that! With a whopping €99,69 euro's donated within an hour there was a real incentive for the players to do their utmost to win!

To continue reading click “read more”, *spoiler warning* if you don't want to know the result and watch the match first stop reading now.

2 vs 2 tournament

Posted by SevenofNine on 11/04/2016 16:45
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*update* Naegleria Fowleri Zombies contact an admin asap (Biddle, SevenofNine, Gost0r)

Saturday, 23 April 2016 Urban Zone is going to hold a one-off 2 vs 2 tournament. The idea is to complete the tournament in one day. This will be challenging but if it works it should be entertaining for viewers and players alike.

Signups will open Wednesday 13th at 12:00 CEST and will be limited to 16 teams. Before you sign up know that we expect you to be available on the 23rd from 14:00 until 20:00 CEST. Also we expect you to start your match on time! This in order to cover as much of the event as possible!
To reward your availability and flexibility we’ll reward the winning team with a cash prize of € 20. Any and all donations and subscriptions on the day will be added to the prize pool.
The event will be a double elimination team survivor tournament, each match take 20 minutes and will consist of 1 map. Each round will have a small map pool which can be eliminated, be aware that it won’t be a tournament with only the well-known maps.

Want to help?
We’re looking for:
- servers
- staff to help the coordination
- GTV cameramen
- shoutcasters/streamers

KNOCKOUT 2016 #1 results

Posted by SevenofNine on 04/04/2016 12:15
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The first knockout of the year was played last week. It didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped but it was to be expected as it was a year ago since we did the last knockout. Despite the problems (people not showing up on time due to daylight savings time in europe, a lack of admins, people being knocked out and not leaving, people being knocked out undeservedly etc), once more my appologies. We hope the competitors and viewers had fun. If you missed it you can watch it all below:

Thanks to Divine and Cryonics for the use of their servers!.

Click "read more" for the interview with Rocket and the screenshots.
Credits for this article go to crimzon and trux0rt

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