Capture the Flag Week!

Posted by Nikkerz on 11/08/2014 22:45
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This week's incentive will be going back to Urban Zone's original roots of Capture the Flag! We're going to be offering up to 4 extra points per team. This week's maps are:

1 extra point maps:

2 extra point maps:

For choosing CTF mode, your team will be awarded 2 extra points and by playing with one of the special maps, you could get up to another 2 extra points.

Have fun and happy fragging!

Summercup Blowing It Up the Week of August 4 - August 10

Posted by Nikkerz on 04/08/2014 20:00
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This summer has been pretty touch-n-go around Urban Zone. A lot of people on vacations and a lot of people out just soaking up the sun of summer while it's here. With that came a lack of incentives. From today until the end of the month, a weekly incentive will be posted every Monday.

For this week's incentive, we're going with a bomb & defuse theme and the special maps will be:


Playing bomb mode will be an extra 1 point and using one of the listed maps in bomb mode will be an extra 2 points to the team choosing it. This could mean a total of 3 extra points per match.

Good luck and have fun!

Reminder to NOT use banned players

Posted by Gost0r on 08/07/2014 00:42
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In the light of recent events, we would remind clans that it is forbidden to play with banned players. Some people may think that this is obvious, but a couple people seem to ignore this.

Playing with banned players (and with their knowledge of course) may have the following consequences:
- Matches a banned player was found guilty to have participated in will be forfeited
- Banupgrade for suspended players to permanent
- Clanleaders may get suspended for 6 months
- Players who give their account to banned players may get suspended for 6 months
- Teams may be forced to disband and teambanned (Not more than 2 members of a banned team can play together in a future clan.)

For further information, feel free to contact any admin on #urban-zone @ QuakeNet or via website PM.

As for other news, later this week we'll announce the upcoming theme for Summer Cup Week 2, so stay tuned.

Summer Cup 2014 launched

Posted by Gost0r on 02/07/2014 02:30
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Update: As some of you have already noticed: we removed the alias option on the team roster. From now on your UrTauth is being displayed. This means that you can play with any alias you'd like to, excluded insulting/offensive etc alias, as long as you play with your UrTauth account. In case the authserver doesn't work, you will need to play with either your AUTH name or your UrbanZone login name.

Welcome to another Urban Zone Summer Cup. This is the 7th summer cup edition we are hosting. But before we start, please take a look at UZ competition rules and get familiar with them. In the Urban Zone Summer Cup, teams are able to play whatever gametype they prefer. The available gametypes are listed below. Additionally, it is possible to play whichever stable custom map you wish.
The Summer Cup will open it's doors on July 2nd 2014 at 12pm CEST.

This year again, we've got special events lined up for you. We'll be hosting knockouts and possibly a jumping contest. More information about both will be announced later.

Reminder: It is not necessary to be on the roster for more 24 hours to participate in an SC match. A player just has to be on the roster before the match starts. Of course: transfer rules still apply.

Signing up
Just click on the "chain link" icon next to "Summer Cup 2014" at the top of the front page or here.

The first match week (Week 1) starts on July 2nd and ends on 15th of July.

July 02 - 13 - Week 1
July 14 - 20 - Week 2
July 21 - 27 - Week 3
July 28 - August 03 - Week 4
August 04 - 10 - Week 5
August 11 - 17 - Week 6
August 18 - 24 - Week 7
August 25 - 31 - Week 8 and results with awards

The Config files for the Summer Cup have been updated and are available at the following location:;id=1243

Match-Week Themes
Surprise themes will be announced for some of the match-weeks of the Summer Cup. However, for week 1, we will go for a classic and accommodating start without any theme.

Number of Players
This is a big change for Urban Zone events. Matches can be played with a variable number of players - anything in between 4 and 6:
- 4 vs 4,
- 5 vs 5 or
- 6 vs 6.
This should be an advantage for all the teams, since those with a smaller or greater than average number of players can still engage in the competition with most of their active members.

Allowed Servers
We allow both European and US servers.

Gametypes and Maps
Allowed gametypes and maps for this Summer Cup season are:
Wave CTF and TS - Teams are allowed to use all regular league maps; all standard UrT maps (those that come with the game); and any TESTED custom map the opponents agree to play.
BOMB - Teams are allowed to use all regular league maps and all standard UrT maps with bomb mode support.
Nowave CTF - ut4_toxic, ut4_riyadh, ut4_sanc, ut4_kingdom_rc6, ut4_abbey, ut4_tohunga_b8, ut4_filtration, ut4_ambush, ut4_poland_b11, ut4_casa, ut4_toxic, ut4_subway
Capture And Hold - ut4_secretbase, ut4_casa, ut4_tohunga_b8, ut4_oildepot, ut4_kingdom_rc6, ut4_swim, ut4_prague, ut4_elgin, ut4_kingpin, ut4_orbital_sl, ut4_sanc
Follow The Leader - ut4_casa, ut4_turnpike, ut4_kingdom, ut4_mandolin, ut4_cascade, ut4_algiers, ut4_paris_v2, ut4_bohemia, ut4_uptown, ut4_docks, ut4_austria, ut4_eagle, ut4_ramelle, ut4_sanc, ut4_swim
Team Deathmatch - ut4_riyadh, ut4_algiers, ut4_sanc, ut4_turnpike, ut4_austria, ut4_abbey, ut4_subway, ut4_uptown, ut4_elgin, ut4_poland_b11, ut4_village, ut4_beijing, ut4_sliema, ut4_orbital_sl, ut4_baeza, ut4_docks, ut4_facade_b5

We will accept suggestions for adding custom maps to the allowed map lists throughout the cup. The only requirement - same as with maps your opponents can agree to play in CTF and TS - is that they are stable and fully functioning: they are not a snapshot of a work in progress, and they don't contain unbalancing bugs. You need to test unknown custom maps before a match or before suggesting them for cup use.

Allstar 21/14/6

Posted by Gost0r on 25/06/2014 19:00
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After almost 2 years of not hosting an Allstar game with the best players of the past season, it's finally time to bring up the old UrbanZone tradition again.

The structure
The referees have been asked to name 10 players who have been playing impressively the past season and those who caught their eye. Who's playing in which team will be decided right before the match happens.
Each mode (TS & CTF) will be played on two maps, which makes a total amount of 4 maps.

The players
So far the following players have been invited to play, some of them haven't confirmed their appearance yet though:

The date
To celebrate the end of the season, the match will happen one day after the official deadline, Thursday, June 26th at 21:00.

The coverage
In order to provide our old time well appreciated coverage, SevenofNine will stream the match on Additionally, we will feature the end of the season, the Allstar match and more in this show.

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