Deadline Season 24/17/9

Posted by Gost0r on 12/07/2015 20:00
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We are approaching the end of the season and therefore it's time to play the remaining matches.
The deadline will be July 22nd. All matches have to be played until that date, else they might end in a forfeit or even in a double forfeit.
In order to ensure teams are there for playing their matches, they will be forced as the following:

BOMB: 19.07.2015 20:00
CTF: 19.07.2015 21:00
TS: 19.07.2015 22:00

If there is a match conflict, the match will be forced to 20.07.2015, same time. Same procedure for other conflicts.

As usual, you are free to reschedule the match to any other day, but as mentioned, deadline is the 22nd july.

For any further questions, feel free to message an operator on #urban-zone @ QuakeNet, or via UZ PM.

Season 24/17/9

Posted by Biddle on 27/04/2015 18:30
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While the CTF and BOMB finals for this season are still to be played, the signups for the next season are already opened. It will be this time the 24th CTF season, the 17th TS season and the 9th BM season.

Like every season, the referees will be available to answer any questions via PM or on IRC #urban-zone. If you would like to assist us in the competition's organization, please contact an admin.

We will be going for a regular div format with no groups and playoffs followed by a second edition of the Urban Terror Master Series.

A more detailed news will be published before the season kicks off!

Tune in!

Season 23/16/8

Posted by Biddle on 20/02/2015 19:45
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It's now time to announce the very last details for the first games to kick off. You will find out in this news who are your division supervisors, a link to the new server CFGs, and some additional informations.

NB: Please note that the default time for BM matches is Wednesday 21:00 (9 PM) CET, CTF on is Sunday, 21:00 (9 PM) CET and on Sunday, 22:00 (10 PM) CET for TS.


As usual, we appointed division supervisors for each division. They will be your people of first contact, so do not hesitate to approach them. Their contact emails are all the same and they can be contacted in the league channel - #urban-zone. If the supervisor for your division happens to be unreachable, talk to any other referee or staff member, we are all opped in the league channel. And here is the complete list of your devoted referees:

Group A - BOMBCTFTS - DocDude, Biddle, KJT
Group B - BOMBCTFTS - Gost0r, Czybka, Sailormoon
Division 2 - BOMBCTFTS - Blutch, Falco, Nikkerz & Xenolith
Division 3 - TS - Eya & Szejdi
Division 4 - TS - Sailormoon & RunAway
Division 5 - TS - Czybka, Gost0r & KJT

Server Configs

The server configs can be downloaded here (direct download) or in our configs section. All matches must be played with the Urban Zone configs, so please inform you clan leaders or server hosts about the new config file.

Nations Cup XVIII - Week 3

Posted by Biddle on 02/02/2015 12:30
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Teams have 24 hours to change a forced map, only a forced map, by posting it on the match comments and sending an email to Cup Supervisors (nationscup at The forced map and gametype for this third week is Sanctuary in TS.

Dear team leaders, remember, according to the rules:

- A no-show is regarded as a forfeit loss and the score by default is set 4-0.
- A national team that forfeits a group match for the second time will be removed from the Cup.

During the last week we had some no-shows, thats why we do this reminder.

GroupDateMatchMapsGame Type
A Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET France vs Argentina Algiers / Casa Capture The Flag / Team Survivor
A Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET Hungary vs Poland Casa / Abbey Team Survivor / Capture The Flag
B Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET Belgium vs USA Tohunga_b8 / Abbey Team Survivor / Capture The Flag
B Sunday 05 February 21:15 CET Portugal vs Colombia Tohunga / Turnpike Team Survivor / Team Survivor
C Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET Brazil vs Canada Casa / Uptown Team Survivor / Team Survivor
C Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET Yugoslavia vs Slovakia Uptown / Sanc Team Survivor / Team Survivor
D Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET Spain vs Chile Casa / Sanc Team Survivor / Team Survivor
D Sunday 08 February 21:00 CET Italy vs Germany Turnpike / Tohunga Capture The Flag / Team Survivor

Season 23/16/8

Posted by Gost0r on 27/01/2015 10:46
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Another wintercup has found an end. We would like to congratulate Forge for ending up first this winter, despite only playing in the first half of wintercup. The following ranks determine as follows:

1st place: Forge|
2nd place: #cFg.`
3rd place: *wH*

Signups Season 23/16/8

Signups are open from Tuesday January 27 to Tuesday February 10.
Divisions might be published on Thursday February 12.
First match week from Monday February 16 to Sunday February 22.

  • You will need a minimum of 5 players to join the league.
  • To sign up - see the top of the front page or click on the COMPETITION menu. Select the competition you want to sign up for. Now click the “chain link” button (you can see the text “sign up” when you hover your mouse over it) next to the competition you want and you will be signed up!
  • Do not forget to edit your roster, set inactive all players who won't play, add all new players, and edit permissions for your trusted players and arrangers.
  • Make sure your teammates set up their auth correctly (no capital letters) on their Player Profile. Instructions can be found here.
  • Sign-up instructions for NEW team leaders and registration instructions for other players can be found in our manual here.
  • Do not forget to fill in your team contact information in this website (team website, irc channel, contact email, etc.) – if we are unable to contact you and verify your signup, you will be removed from signups.

A friendly reminder like every year:
ALL players in all leagues have to be registered. Multiclanning within one competition is not allowed. However, players are allowed to play in one CTF team, another BOMB team, and yet another TS team. Do not – repeat: DO NOT – create accounts for your teammates. We are able to reference IP addresses and your team will not be allowed to sign up if we find one person faking accounts for others. Because we also have clans competing from outside Europe we want clans to set the correct country flag. Also we expect all players to know the rules and abide by them, so (re)acquaint yourself with them. The version posted in each event at the moment will be updated in the coming days but there will be no major changes other than to map lists.

Divisions will once again be supervised by our League Administrators and Referees who are always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via the PM function on the site, or through the Quakenet IRC channel #Urban-Zone.
On a side note, if you are interested in helping out the league feel free to contact us, we’ll be delighted. We’re especially looking for some referees, artists, shoutcasters and streamers!

We are going to host a Freeze Tag cup right after the season to see if it's a potential gamemode for the Urban Zone league. More details about this coming up someday during the next weeks.

Hope to see you competing soon!

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