Urban-Zone needs you!

Posted by SevenofNine on 07/08/2017 14:00
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At Urban-Zone we have a long-standing tradition of people helping out with the leagues, cups and special events as referee’s, admins, streamers, shoutcasters, GTV cameramen etc. With the declining player base, it wasn’t necessary to have much staff on hand. But some of us are focusing our free time on different projects, for instance Gost0r is putting more of his time into urt5.

Now we’re looking for:

- Referee’s
Traditionally a referee, is the first point of contact for the clans in your division(s). Together with an admin you will make the decisions about the day to day running of your division. If you prefer a different route you could also manage special events such as KNOCKOUT, 2vs2 tournaments, skeetshoot, and other events which you can think of (jumping?).

- Streamers, shoutcasters and GTV cameramen
These type of staff members are always sought after. Especially since short one or two-day events are very popular!

If you are interested in this please send a short motivation to us before the 25th of August at league@urban-zone.org and we’ll get back to you! If you got questions feel free to contact us through IRC or discord.

Furthermore, with a reshuffle in staff we’re also interested in your thoughts as to the future of Urban-Zone. Several discussion points have been prepared on this forum thread.

KNOCKOUT 2017 #2 - Signups

Posted by SevenofNine on 27/05/2017 15:30
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*Players ut4_superman is 43 mb, so download it on time!*

After the incredibly close final in KNOCKOUT 2017 #1 between Rocket and N3xXis in which even admins couldn't make the right decision. We're back to announce the second KO of the year!

By the way, we've decided to grant both the win and €25, our bad... Next time #1 after 10 minutes wins no matter what, same as other rounds.

Anyway, without further ado, #2 is here:
The event will be held on Sunday the 4th of June (Whitsunday for those contemplating to sign up). As usual it's from 15:00 till approx 18:00. The defending champions Rocket and N3xXis are invited to defend their crowns. Rocket has already said he'd be there.

KNOCKOUT 2017 - Signups

Posted by SevenofNine on 23/04/2017 14:00
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For the upcoming KNOCKOUT we decided to go back to the roots, to be specific 29-01-2013. We're going to replay the exact maps except for ramelle. Looking back at the results we see some a lot of well-known names from the past, lets see if we can immortalise some heroes of modern days to the annals of KNOCKOUT.
The event will be held on Sunday the 7th of May from 15:00 till approx 18:00. The defending champion Rocket will defend his crown that he earned one year ago (video).

"Read more" for details on how to signup.

Nation Cup XX - Playoffs

Posted by Biddle on 03/03/2017 16:45
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After 5 weeks of fierce fighting in the groupstage, the NationsCup XX has reached its most exciting point: the playoffs stage!
Congratulations to Asia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Nordic, Spain, United Kingdom and Venezuela for their honorable course.

In a few weeks time we will all be glued to our screens watching an amaizing best of 5 NationsCup final.

Good luck to the teams qualified for the eights, most of the matches should be very interesting at this stage and the semi-finals even more promising.

Please remember and remind your team mates that every player must upload screens in playoffs matches. (cg_autoscreenshot 2)

Our crazy analyst Shoushou has once again made an interesting preview for the upcoming games, so don't miss them and click right away on Read more...

Nation Cup XX - Week 4

Posted by Biddle on 15/02/2017 12:45
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First things first, congratulations to Team France and Team Germany for qualifying to the quarter finals without loosing a single match.

Here we are, already at the penultimate round of the NationsCup group-stage. Teams that are not yet qualified still have a shot at winning their spot. The ones with 2W/1L get 2 opportunities to win 1 match and qualify, while teams with 1W/2L will need to win 2 matches in a row to prove themselves worthy of playing the playoffs.

Good luck to every one!

A top 10 of both week 2 & 3 matches will be should be published this weekend, so stay tuned!

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