Nation Cup XX - Week 4

Posted by Biddle on 15/02/2017 12:45
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First things first, congratulations to Team France and Team Germany for qualifying to the quarter finals without loosing a single match.

Here we are, already at the penultimate round of the NationsCup group-stage. Teams that are not yet qualified still have a shot at winning their spot. The ones with 2W/1L get 2 opportunities to win 1 match and qualify, while teams with 1W/2L will need to win 2 matches in a row to prove themselves worthy of playing the playoffs.

Good luck to every one!

A top 10 of both week 2 & 3 matches will be should be published this weekend, so stay tuned!

Nation Cup XX - Week 3

Posted by Biddle on 06/02/2017 20:45
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Please not that from now on the NationsCup must be played on Urban Terror 4.3.2 so please get your games and servers up to date.
While waiting for the next matches to be streamed, please enjoy the Week 1 top plays right away:

Nation Cup XX - Week 2 and more

Posted by Sasuke on 29/01/2017 19:45
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Good evening folks,

The NationCup is ongoing, with the first week matches ending tonight. For now, 3 matches have been played and each time the favorites have won them. But the week is not over and we may see some more balanced match-up soon, with maybe some upsets as well.

The draw for the second week has been done. As said previously, winner from the first week will face each others, and losers from the first week will face each other as well. You can see below the image with the match-ups. The image will be updated when the results are known through the night. Note that the draw is completely random.
Moreover, in order to keep you in touch with the ongoing competition, we compiled the best actions that happened during the Qualifier. We'll try to do a similar video every week of the competition. For that, we'll need you to upload your demos on match pages, even when your team lose. Enjoy it :

NationCup XX : Group Stage

Posted by Biddle on 25/01/2017 18:45
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This year, we had to set up a qualifier tournament due to the important ammount of signups. After these 2 weeks of intence games, two teams have unfortunatly not been able to do the necessary to play the NationsCup Team Mexico and Team Turkey. However, they both showed some very promising matches and we hope to see them again in 11 months for the next edition. You'll soon find a complete recap of the qualifier week that will published by Shoushou in a few days. Congratulations to all teams that played, you managed to play 100 % of the matches. Let's keep the rythm!

Now we can kick-off with the long awaited swiss format group-stage. As you may know, we went through a direct vote in our forums to determine which system we should be using and decided to go for the Swiss System. This means that, instead of having usual groups, we'll have only one group with every team. Each week, you'll be matched with another team that has the same win/loss record. Once you get 3 victories, you're qualified for the playoffs, but if you get 3 losses, you're out.

Here's how week 1 will look like:

We'll announce the matches every week (it's impossible to predict the matches in advance being result based). The matches are seeded for week 1, but they'll be random from weeks 2 to 5.

For week 1, teams have till Thursday 26th, 22:00 CET to inform me by PM or mail ( of their map/gametype choice for their first match. Passed that deadline, the latter will be forced and won't be able to be changed without opponent's approval.

Click on Read more... for additional information on rules, server configurations and the next group-stage rounds.

NationCup XX : Cash prize and Qualifiers

Posted by Biddle on 08/01/2017 21:00
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Good evening ladies,

For the upcoming NationCup XX, the Urban Zone will have a sponsor once again, Sachka and the HD Développement team will continue to support Urban Terror in order to provide you all with a very nice competition. This year's signups have been an unexpected success and the level of the cup will be reaching some records. We'll try to combine that with a great coverage for a better player and spectator experience. Rumour had it, we will indeed have, for the very first year, a true cashprize for the NationsCup: not less than 700€ will be shared between the NationsCup winners. And guess what, that might not actually be all we have to say about prizes... Smile


400€ 200€ 100€

To improve the event's gaming experience, we organized a vote in order to decide the system that should be used in the cup's groupstage phase. The result was clear, a majority of teams want to play the Swiss system, which is ideal for 16 teams. But as always, latecomers are a thing, and a couple teams decided to pop out at the very last minute. This year will count two more teams in the list : Team Italy and Team Venezuela.

We now have 18 teams for a NationsCup where participants voted for a 16 teams (2^n) format. There is no decent interesting way of playing a tournament with 18 teams, so in order to keep the tournament appealing, we'll go with a primary qualifier phase in order to reduce the number of teams to 16.

We seeded every team based on their previous results, player accomplishments and activity, continuity in the line-up and team expectations. That qualifier phase will include the 8 lowest seeded teams: they'll face each other, teams will play up to 2 matches : win one match and you're qualified, lose 2 and you're out of the tournament.

So here are the 10 teams directly qualified for the groupstage:

Team Argentina, Team Belgium, Team Brazil, Team Canada, Team France
Team Germany, Team Italy, Team Netherlands, Team Portugal, Team USA

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