GameUrban Terror
Sub-Event OfTop-Level Competition
Type of CompetitionStraight Knockout
Type of CompetitorTeams
User Created EventNo
NameNationsCup XXI - Consolation Matches
Match ID Prefixnxxxi
Sign Up Start Date26-11-2018 11:15
Sign Up End Date02-12-2018 11:15
Event Start Date02-12-2018 11:15
Event End Date31-12-2018 01:45
Teams can ApplyNo
Minimum Status Points1
Number of Teams8
Minimum Players per Team4
Who can enter ResultsAll Competitors
Require Admin ConfirmationYes
Challenge/Arrange MatchesYes
Home team/player schedules firstNo
Maximum Re-Schedules6
Table Templateko_8.html
Scoring TypeNumeric - Highest
Base Result onMap Wins
Min Map per Team0
Max Map per Team3
Number of Unique Maps0
Use random MapNo
Hide Map choices if not ScheduledNo
Max Servers99
Generate Match PasswordNo
Auto create next Fixture on Result EntryNo
Lock RostersNo
Lock From Date
Starting ScreenTables
Assign Awards to Teams/Players for this EventYes
Enable the Betting SystemYes
Apply XP for this EventYes