GameUrban Terror
Sub-Event OfTop-Level Competition
Type of CompetitionLeague
Type of CompetitorTeams
User Created EventNo
Name2014 - NationsCup XVII
Match ID Prefixncxvii
Sign Up Start Date14-01-2014 10:00
Sign Up End Date19-01-2014 10:00
Event Start Date19-01-2014 20:30
Event End Date13-03-2014 23:45
Teams can ApplyNo
Minimum Status Points1
Number of Divisions4
Division DescriptionGroup
Minimum Players per Team5
Who can enter ResultsAll Competitors
Require Admin ConfirmationYes
Challenge/Arrange MatchesYes
Home team/player schedules firstNo
Maximum Re-Schedules6
Maximum Wildcards0
Sort Table byPoints then Head-to-Head
Table Templateleague.html
Scoring TypeNumeric - Highest
Base Result onMap Wins
Points for a Win4
Points for a Loss0
Points for a Draw2
Min Map per Team1
Max Map per Team1
Number of Unique Maps0
Use random MapNo
Hide Map choices if not ScheduledYes
Lock RostersYes
Lock From Date19-01-2014 23:45
Starting ScreenTables
Yellow Cards0
Assign Awards to Teams/Players for this EventYes
Enable the Betting SystemYes
Apply XP for this EventYes