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Cup system
Teams will be randomly taken out of the had to be put in the cup tree.
Every match will be played as a Best Of 3 (BO3), which is to say that three maps at max are to be played each round. In the Winner Bracket (WB), the winner of a match will always move on to the next round of the WB, while the looser will drop down to the Looser Bracket (LB). In the LB, the winner will move on to the next round of the LB while the looser will be definitly eliminated.

Teams in Lower Bracket have 3 days to play their matches. Teams in Winner Bracket have 6 days.

Map Choices
Teams will veto maps from from the map pool. After having a quick 2v2 knife round, the winner will start eliminating. The last 3 remaining maps are to be played. Knife looser chooses map 1, winner chooses map 2.

Final stage
The Grand Final and the Bronze Final will be played a BO5 with a map veto out of all the different map pools. After a 2v2 knife round, the winner will get the advantage in banning with the following pattern:

The team that lost the knife duel chooses the first map to be played. The team coming from the Winner Bracket will start with 1:0 advantage. One of their 2 map picks is to be considered forfeit win.

Allowed Players
Players are only allowed to play for one team at a time during the tournament. Teams may only have people in their line-up who are on the squad list of that clan before the first match of round 1. This means that every player needs to be on the roster before the tournament start.

The maximum ammount of different players that can play for a same team is 4.

Substitutes and Spectating
Substitutes are allowed but limited to the number of two. Players connecting mid match without the referee being notified and without timeout being used will be kicked. A team whose player is connecting during a match must use timeout as soon as the player starts connecting.

No spectators are allowed on the server during the match unless they are staff of the league or authorized by an administrator to do so.

Number of Players
Each map must be played with 2 players on both teams. Playing with 1 players is not allowed. Timeout must be used when a player joins.

Server Settings
fraglimit "0"
timelimit "12"
g_timeouts "2"
g_gametype "4"
g_timeoutlength "240"
g_maxrounds "0"
g_RoundTime "1.5"
g_stratTime "3"
g_survivorrule "0"
g_suddendeath "1"

Please find the server config in our Downloads section.

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