uzts2025175  Poland GoodTeam - v - Macedonia b00bs

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Lost 0 1 0
Status Score Points Rating
Won 2 5 0

ayy_ (ayy) (0)
Kris (xkris) (0)
Niedzwiedz (niedzwiedz) (2)
ScaRRyMaN (scarryman) (0)
sledz (sledz) (0)
Player of the Match
(5) Amish (amish)
(3) Biddle (Biddle)
(1) duhfysa (duhfyy)
(1) Jungleboy (jungleboy)
(0) The-spiki (spiki)

GameUrban Terror
EventTS League - Season 20
DivisionDivision 1 - Group B
Date14-06-2016 21:30
Fixture edited byBiddle / 30/05/2016 01:16
Biddle / 04/06/2016 12:58
Biddle / 04/06/2016 13:00
Biddle / 05/06/2016 19:16
Biddle / 11/06/2016 12:12
Result entered byBiddle / 15/06/2016 23:14
Admin DecisionNo
Fixture Created22-05-2016 17:50 (Biddle)
Game Type
Orbital SL
(Poland GoodTeam)
Orbital SL

11 : 23
(Macedonia b00bs)

10 : 16


Team POV Location Size (Mb) Download  
Macedonia b00bs The-spiki Tohunga 4.18 [ Download ]  
Macedonia b00bs The-spiki Orbital SL 3.38 [ Download ]  
Macedonia b00bs Jungleboy Multiple 7.33 [ Download ]  
Macedonia b00bs Amish Multiple 7.99 [ Download ]  
Macedonia b00bs Biddle Multiple 5.56 [ Download ]  
Poland GoodTeam sledz Multiple 7.88 [ Download ]  
Poland GoodTeam Niedzwiedz Multiple 8.05 [ Download ]  
Poland GoodTeam ayy_ Multiple 8.89 [ Download ]  

Admin Report:

Macedonia b00bs Report:

GT were not 5 on 05.06 b00bs agreed to reschedule the match.

[21:32:47] Biddle, on est 4 et on sera pas 5 ce soir, ya possibilitรฉ de reporter le match ?
[21:33:08] syrox nous l'a mis a l'envers
[21:37:10] Biddle
[21:37:16] re
[21:37:51] on sera pas 5 ce soir ya moyen de reporter ?
[21:38:08] yeah
[21:38:17] ok cest cool merci

Tue May 31, 2016 3:43 am

b00bs will have to choose a match to forfeit. This match or CTF against D&G:

Same date/time.

And this match between GT and b00bs is too important, who lost here will have some trouble to reach playoffs Sad
Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:09 pm

b00bs roster has more than 10 players, brain on ! Razz
Tue May 31, 2016 6:56 pm
[ 3 ]

pl mafia

Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:58 pm

Hey Niedz and Scary, tomorrow night after 22h would be great if you can.
ping me on ts3 or irc if you can. thanks
Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:19 pm
[ 1 ]

- "BladexxXX"

b00bs will have to choose a match to forfeit. This match or CTF against D&G:

Same date/time.

And this match between GT and b00bs is too important, who lost here will have some trouble to reach playoffs Sad

Oh Blade, didn't knew you are so lame.
You went trough to contact two of our opponents and push them to take forfeit against us?
Lol man, read up

Anyway, guys from GT were cool enough few days ago and agreed to move the match 30 minutes earlier than scheduled on website.
But they didn't have 5 last night and I was also cool and agreed to reschedule for another day.
That is how it works when people are not bitches like you Blade.
Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:17 pm

yeah, im the lame one who still crying for Bomb match from FTW 2011 and 5 years later still trying to revenge.

For who doesnt know about the history: in 2011, -h5 played against b00bs a Bomb match in FTW. We played 3 maps, and after a tie they asked to play the 4th map on next day. We said no (because this is non-sense) and since then b00bs cries everytime we need to sched a match. Clanbase, Urban Zone, doesnt matter the competition, always a crusade to deal with b00bs.

We tried to sched all TS matches before june, because some availability problems (the same reason why we are not playing UrT Times Invitational Trophy). Every single team in our group was easy to find a agreement, and we already played our matches. Except one: b00bs.

I tried 4 or 5 different dates, and spiki refused all of them, because that history from 2011 and to have the chance to face a weak line-up or a forfeit win. They are used to do it (2 forfeits, and the same discussion all the time):

Always the same BS:

Cant wait to play against you spiki, is better you save Uptown to pick against us.
Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:00 pm
[ -2 ]

Blade, you are full of shit again.

Our history started way before that match in 2011. It was some some years before that when we waited on your over 3 hours for the ESL match.
I didn't wanted to take forfeit that admins told me to take, we played, you won the match and then won in the finals of ESL.
Then later, for that FTW match you did not want to reschedule, on purpose delayed the match for 1 hour, then we played 3 maps for 2 additional hours and at 6 am we could not play anymore and you refused to play next map another time.
And countless other times in leagues you were always late without notifying us upfront.
What did you expect me to do, forever wait for you, reschedule and all that?

For this season, man, you condensed your full TS league in 3 days. It is laughable that you make mockery of the league like it is nightly cup, but it's your thing. And does not concern me much.

Around 10 days ago when we met on some pub server you asked me to play the match earlier than normal (Jun 19) and I said ok.
Last week when you came to ts3 I told you we can play the next day, but again agreed we'll make it happen before Jun 19.
At the end of the day, I don't owe you any favors, on contrary I was willing to schedule earlier, it's just you being dumb bitch again.

Knowing you'll be cunt as usual I actually saved the conversation.
This is verbatim, unedited conversation.
Check who was being an idiot, mentioning our history, not willing to compromise etc (all you)
Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:10 pm

about -h5 playing 90% of groups stage in 3 days, ill quote you:

<03:14:44> "The-spiki@wam1": i don't need you to organize my guys, i do that

And about your log, i said the same thing i told you here: you dont wanna resched because we couldnt play a MAP in a comfortable time for YOU (AMERICAN LEAGUE with standard date/time since day 1) 5 years ago. And we have hard time with b00bs in every single match since then, including 2 forfeit wins to b00bs.

Is funny how you expect me to resched a map (not a match, A MAP). Doesn't matter if we did plans to play in that day, doesn't matter if was 1:30 am for us, etc....Interesting, if one my guys loses his connection during a match, or the third map is a map that we are not used to play and i need a extra time to practice, i will try to resched this map to another day with my opponent, they should agree after they read your interesting history and see how unfair sounds if they dont accept Wink

And just to refresh your memory, i have a gold in the first edition of ESL League playing for syh, i wasnt the owner of syh, different time/league/team/players, you have no point bringing this up.

Im the owner of -h5, created 8 months later and is completely different from syh.
Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:10 am
[ 1 ]

As usual, most of your post does not make sense.

> about -h5 playing 90% of groups stage in 3 days, ill quote you:
>> <03:14:44> "The-spiki@wam1": i don't need you to organize my guys, i do that

LOL. That is completely different topic, do you not understand that?
I was talking about you organizing my members for match...
And the other thing is playing whole league upfront, doing all your matches in one Sunday and Tuesday, as if it is nightly tournament... That does have impact on the league as a whole, other teams etc. But admins allow you these shenanigans and I'm not meddling in this fuckery.

The two times that you mentioned getting forfeit loss, one was against [b00bs], the other was against b00bs-DD. You lost numerous times like that against other teams but mention "us" as exception. You used to always sign for leagues and not play matches, more than half of your matches were forfeit losses...
And people take ffw because NOT even ONE of you lot bothers contacting opponents upfront and notifying you wont have 5 at scheduled time. You guys simply do not show up at match time at all, and then expect not to get forfeit loss. And then complain. That is stupid. But we know, you don't run on standard time.

> Im the owner of -h5, created 8 months later and is completely different from syh.
As for syh not being same as h5, same team, just renamed.

Any case, it is lovely to see that you bothered contacting two of our opponents and pimping to them they should take forfeit wins. Shows what a character you are. Lamer.
Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:24 am
[ 1 ]

Im tired of this discussion, lets solve our problems like men: in the server, both teams playing naked and who lose have to send dick pics.

gl hf
Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:15 pm
[ 1 ]

gg tried negev on tohunga well it doesn't work for some reason
Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:18 pm
[ 1 ]

Worked fine for me mate.

Surprisingly good job on tohunga!!
Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:18 pm

good game guys.

Tohunga was much closer than what score shows. Almost got us there
Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:24 am


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