ts2125628  Germany The.Saints - v - Poland Jebać Biede

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GameUrban Terror
EventTS League - Season 21
DivisionDivision 2 - Europe
Date03-10-2016 21:00
Fixture edited byBiddle / 03/10/2016 02:36
eya_allam / 03/10/2016 22:45
Result entered byeya_allam / 03/10/2016 22:46
Admin DecisionNo
Fixture Created12-09-2016 22:53 (Biddle)
Game Type
(Poland Jebać Biede)

9 : 9
(Germany The.Saints)

14 : 15


Team POV Location Size (Mb) Download  
Germany The.Saints Juno Multiple 5.97 [ Download ]  
Germany The.Saints logen` Multiple 6.88 [ Download ]  
Germany The.Saints Angel Orbital SL 3.36 [ Download ]  
Germany The.Saints Angel Casa 2.98 [ Download ]  
Germany The.Saints J0linar Multiple 5.04 [ Download ]  
Germany The.Saints happahappa Multiple 2.79 [ Download ]  
Germany The.Saints happahappa Multiple 3.11 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Combat Multiple 3.56 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Combat Multiple 4.13 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Fresh Multiple 0.39 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Endriu Multiple 3.9 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede szkod Multiple 3.97 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Koki Multiple 3.64 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Koki Multiple 3.53 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Dilseth Multiple 3.6 [ Download ]  
Poland Jebać Biede Dilseth Multiple 4.01 [ Download ]  

Germany The.Saints Report:

Saints Map:: Uptwon

Poland Jebać Biede Report:

our map will be Tohunga b8

Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:54 am

hello . are you ready ?
Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:12 am

another one ? dead?
Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:58 am

Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:32 pm

we arent dead, just old and occupied with rl,
anyways we will be there @21h
Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:03 pm

Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:04 pm

Match reschedulled for 3.10.2016 Monday@ 21:15 CEST
Reason: Time Issue on Schedule - Browsers show different Times

<j0l> hey
<Koki> hey
<Koki> Timezone:?
<j0l> i dont get wtf is wrong with this page but mine is gmt+1 and it shows 21h for our match time
<Koki> my to is gmt+1 and time is 20;00 lol
<j0l> ye i guess it depends on the browser
<j0l> do u use chrome?
<Koki> no mozlia
<j0l> k thats fun i use mozilla too, ye no idea wtf that is
<Koki> so waht we do ?
<j0l> would u consider reschedulling for tommorow?
<Koki> ok for what time?
<j0l> 21:15 cest?
<j0l> monday
<Koki> so my time will be 20;15 or what ?XD i get confiused
<j0l> look am in vienna/austria my current time is 17:00 and as i see in poland it should be 17:00 as well
<j0l> is it?
<Koki> is my time is 17;00
<j0l> fine then tommorow @21:15
<Koki> ok then . see ya
<j0l> aye i will post it on our fixture on uzl
<j0l> 3.10.2016 Monday @21:15 CEST
<Koki> ok
<Koki> fine

and some hour later

<Dilseth> YO
<j0l> sup
<Dilseth> guy
<Dilseth> can we play this match today?
<j0l> i talked with koki
<Dilseth> because koki has not agreed with the rest of the players and does not fit us
<j0l> we had it reschedulled for tommorow
<Dilseth> so he will play alone
<Dilseth> ok gg
<j0l> that sux
<Dilseth> so can we play today?
<Dilseth> 20 pl time?
<Dilseth> for example?
<Dilseth> or earlier
<Dilseth> if u want
<j0l> honestly no cuz we already have a match at that time
<Dilseth> 22?
<j0l> thats why we reschedulled for tommorow cuz there was a issue with the timezones
<j0l> 22 is too late for us, we got workin ppl and some doin night shifts
<Dilseth> we working too...
<j0l> there u see
<j0l> well why would u send someone over here in the first place to talk about our game and then send someone else if it doesnt fit u, honestly tonight it wont happen
<j0l> either tommorow or no and if u are about to go for forfeit, why the fuck even bother playin uzl if the goal is to win by forfeit
<Dilseth> either todday?
<Dilseth> 19 polish time?
<j0l> seriously is something wrong with ur eyes
<j0l> i said no
<Dilseth> ok
<Dilseth> gl tomorrow
<j0l> dilseth
<j0l> lets not be stupid about it, it was a missunderstanding in the first place with the timezome in uzl page
<j0l> koki agreed for 21:15 3.10 Monday and i expected that ur team is ok with that
<j0l> now are u ok with monday or not
<Dilseth> Koki isnt leader
<Dilseth> si gg
<j0l> am not leader either, but am wa and that qualifies me at least arrange and reschedulle
<j0l> anyways if there is nothin else, we see each other tommorow Monday 3.10 @21:15 CEST/Polish time wtf u wanna call it

Honestly it would probably be best to give both teams a forfeit loss
Saints for talking against a wall and cfg for not knowing what they want

and another hour later

<koki> hi agian . pls dont talk with dillseth he is dumb and he is only member
<koki> im a Arranger he is just member
<koki> we are rdy for tomorrow dotn worry about dilsethhhh
<koki> tomorrow 21;15 max 21;30 ok?
<j0l> yep
<j0l> its k
<koki> k see ya

Match reschedulled for 3.10.2016 Monday@ 21:15 CEST
/// Peace out
Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:24 pm


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