TS55037  Poland Tehacjusz - v - Italy I Mirmidoni

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Status Score Points Rating
Drawn 1 3 0
Status Score Points Rating
Drawn 1 3 0

Janusz (janusz) (0)
Madafaka (0)
Majo. (0)
To3Y (4)
XeO. (0)
Z3n0n (4F44AF089470382434E355A8A60AEC79) (0)
Player of the Match
(1) AimNooBest
(6) Axl
(0) Liquyd
(0) MasteR-HaT (masterhat)
(0) SNAKE-08 (Snake)
(0) Zoro (z0r0)

GameUrban Terror
EventTS League - Season 5
DivisionDivision 8
Date16-05-2011 21:30
Admin DecisionNo
Fixture Created27-04-2011 11:20 (Frostig)
Game Type
(Poland Tehacjusz)

5 : 11
Orbital SL
(Italy I Mirmidoni)
Orbital SL

13 : 10


Team POV Location Size (Mb) Download  
Poland Tehacjusz To3Y Multiple 3.4 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz To3Y Multiple 4.99 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Madafaka Multiple 2.28 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Z3n0n Multiple 4.21 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Z3n0n Multiple 3.04 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz XeO. Multiple 3.25 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz XeO. Multiple 4.51 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz XeO. Multiple 3.25 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz XeO. Multiple 4.51 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Majo. Multiple 0.42 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Majo. Multiple 3.26 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Janusz Casa 3.36 [ Download ]  
Poland Tehacjusz Janusz - To Be Advised - 4.54 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni Zoro Multiple 4.57 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni Zoro Multiple 2.76 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni MasteR-HaT Multiple 4.66 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni MasteR-HaT Multiple 3.13 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni Axl Multiple 3.99 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni AimNooBest Multiple 5.25 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni AimNooBest Multiple 3.26 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni SNAKE-08 Multiple 5.3 [ Download ]  
Italy I Mirmidoni Liquyd Multiple 0.86 [ Download ]  

Poland Tehacjusz Report:

Let't get this straight MasteR-HaT

1. U wanted to reschedule this match. We agreed and ask you for a map u're gonna play. You failed to answer, but later tricked madafaka into accepting the challenge. For ur information I'am a match arranger for TS team.
2. You did not contact us before the match. It was me who had to find You. I wrote to the man with whom I was arranging this fixture that if pings would be unfair we want to play second map on our server. I did it before the match. Pings weren't even. You were unhitable, our players were loosing connection, ect. Last screen shoot misrepresents "the ping issue".
3. After moving to our server u tried to bully us (saying that ur players are uz admins) into changing our decision. No way man - we detest bullies here :). U called for one of the admins, and we suggested (in the name of fairness) that it is possible to rematch both maps on a neutral server. You refused.
4. Nobody was making fun of you, however we found u amusing.

5. Wanna fairness MasteR-HaT? , first switch off slyness.


[edit] 17.05111. 23.54

kk my mistake MasteR-HaT; u were threating us then I connected to ur server after Casa. So plz paste logs from ur server with discussion between us. Let's have some fun :).

Admin Report:

Please upload all the demo or post the uac3 id u used

Italy I Mirmidoni Report:

Match totally unfair from THC. We played first match in our server and ping are too same, oh, no, 4 of 5 thc have ping lower then mine. After this first map they want to play the other map in their server (they didn't say that before the cw) so we test their server but for us it's impossible to play, i could'n join it for 20 min. Their ping is 10-20, our ping is 200-300. If they said me to test the server BEFORE the cw , i asked for a neutral server. So they didn't want to play in a neutral server (Unfair). We are fair and we accept to play in their server so. [imd]Axl had 999 for 6 times, me for 2 times and another player for another time.

So GG unfair, they also joked us for that. Nice sportmanship , nice one, Unfair.


I don't want to be controversial but i want to reply cause you'are saying absurdity.

1)This match had to be played in this week. There wasn't reschedule. We schedule this match together in correct week, last week. So No reschedule Here. Fail!
You asked me the map and i answer "ORB" (like orbital i think), then i asked you and you answer "Casa".

2)I reply you so "Session Start: Mon May 16 21:25:32 2011
Session Ident: rasta|blaster
[21:25]MasteR-HaT hi
[21:26]rasta|blaster HI
[21:26]rasta|blaster ip and pass ?
[21:27]MasteR-HaT ye
[21:27]MasteR-HaT connect;password mareblu

I talked with you, and you didn't say me about ping or other absurdity.

3)Bully you?? Lol , post here serverlogs please. POST! Nobody says that we are uz admins. I didn 't say neither that i am ref (in trial). I didn't refuse anything cause you didn't propose me anything.

4) You didn't play both maps. So what do you know? You tested our server and you saw that pings were the same so you said ok. After that you lost the first match you said to play in your server. We had connection problems (i can't join your server for 20 minutes for my bad connection), i proposed to play in neutral server and you refused. This is not fair cause servers have to be tested before the match.

I stop here cause match is finished and i was fair, playing with 999 constantly player. I hope you win all next matches.

With sportmanship

Sun May 15, 2011 9:08 pm

hello [imd]. We prefer to play matches as scheduled by UZ admins: Sunday 22.00 cet.
Sun May 15, 2011 11:05 pm

Session Start: Sun May 15 21:48:06 2011
Session Ident: rasta|blaster
01[21:54] <Zoro-> can you play tomorrow 21:30 cet?
[21:55] <rasta|blaster> give me 5 minutes. I'll ask
01[21:55] <Zoro-> ok
[21:57] <rasta|blaster> Zoro our ts captain will be back in 10 minutes I'll ask huim
[21:57] <rasta|blaster> him
01[21:57] <Zoro-> ok
[21:58] <rasta|blaster> kk we can play tomorrow 21.30 cet
[21:58] <rasta|blaster> plz arrange on UZ, what map do u take Smile
[21:58] <rasta|blaster> ?
01[21:59] <Zoro-> you can accept
01[21:59] <Zoro-> www.urban-zone.org/ind...xture=5037
[21:59] <rasta|blaster> kk

rastablaster you forgot to accept Wink
Sun May 15, 2011 11:24 pm

soz we had cw. cu tomorrow 21.30.
Mon May 16, 2011 11:16 pm

GG you are the king of fair play VERY NICE MAN VERY NICE VERY NICE

-.-' -.-' -.-'
Mon May 16, 2011 11:17 pm

another time very nice pfff
Mon May 16, 2011 11:22 pm

Mon May 16, 2011 11:23 pm

another time n1
Mon May 16, 2011 11:23 pm

Mon May 16, 2011 11:36 pm

Sento odore di golden dildo:D
Tue May 17, 2011 4:29 pm

i hope that this f*** finish . gl hf

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