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Player of the Match: b00bs -v- knuckleb0ne m0bsters
Name d0wnyyy
UrT Auth
FromBhutan Bhutan
Looking for TeamNo

Game Event Start Date Expiry Date  
All Games All Events 01-06-2011 17:30 30-11-2011 17:30 [ Details ]

Team Status Joined
Europe gaming ass whoppin deployment Invited  
Europe knuckleb0ne m0bsters Member 30-04-2012 02:48
United Kingdom razorblades Trustee 01-02-2011 20:29

Team History
Date Description
30-04-2012 02:48 Player d0wnyyy Joined Team knuckleb0ne m0bsters
01-02-2011 20:29 Player d0wnyyy Joined Team razorblades

Game ID / History
Urban Terror Urban Terror

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UAC3 : 51314
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Mon May 28, 2012 1:54 pm

I have not seen any nizmo when I register, and no one used this nick .. He was free to register. And the alias NZM ... everyone with a nickname, use the nickname without vowels ... is nothing new. Or you think you're the one in the world? I've seen 7 people in the nick hitman, as many with neon, and many other nicknames. You think people go there looking for someone plays with that name or not? There are better things to do. The nickname was free to register, so that just the subject.

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