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Player of the Match: Hate -v- InTribe Player of the Match: InTribe -v- BeHapPy Player of the Match: InTribe -v- Zero Limit! Player of the Match: impossible is nothing -v- InTribe Player of the Match: Team Olymp -v- InTribe Player of the Match: b00bs -v- InTribe2 Player of the Match: InTribe2 -v- Infernal Team Player of the Match: Team Italy -v- Own Peace Player of the Match: b00bs -v- united Sexy Chicks Player of the Match: Rush -v- I Mirmidoni Player of the Match: Heart-Pirates -v- Defining Stars Player of the Match: Heart-Pirates -v- GROM Player of the Match: The Parliament of All Owls -v- Heart-Pirates Player of the Match: Alle Leute Kommen In. -v- Heart-Pirates
Name KinZu
UrT AuthKinZu
FromGermany Germany
Looking for TeamNo
Hardwaremouse: logitech g500
display acer 21,5
keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder x4
headset: speedlink medusa stereo
About Me$Rn September-December 2009
frag4# December 2009-June 2010
fuzs August 2010
|it| September 2010 - January 2012
own peace January 2011- January 2012
=SC= February 2012 -
rush February 2013 -

Team Status Joined
Germany axe-Team Trustee 08-02-2014 18:04
Vatican Fruit Ninjas Member 03-05-2015 19:45
Vatican FruitNinjas Member 17-11-2015 08:15
Europe Heart-Pirates Leader 21-12-2012 21:45
Germany Intelligent Rage Leader 02-12-2011 18:34
Germany pir8| Pirates Trustee 17-09-2013 18:00
Germany Rush Member 06-02-2013 19:19
Germany Sexy Chicks Trustee 27-02-2013 20:41
Scotland Straw hat band Trustee 10-02-2014 20:24

Team History
Date Description
19-01-2018 22:35 Player KinZu Left Team Brizz and rabbits
17-11-2015 08:03 Player KinZu Joined Team FruitNinjas
03-05-2015 19:35 Player KinZu Joined Team Fruit Ninjas
20-04-2014 22:35 Player KinZu Left Team just Fraggin'
20-04-2014 19:57 Player KinZu Joined Team just Fraggin'
10-02-2014 20:24 Player KinZu Joined Team Straw hat band
08-02-2014 18:04 Player KinZu Joined Team axe-Team
03-01-2014 01:47 Player KinZu Joined Team Brizz and rabbits
17-09-2013 17:47 Player KinZu Joined Team pir8| Pirates
27-02-2013 20:41 Player KinZu Joined Team Sexy Chicks

Game ID / History
Urban Terror Urban Terror

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UAC3 : 23159
UrT Auth : KinZu

Latest Demos

Open Bets0
Bets Won9 Amount Won$542.87
Bets Lost6 Amount Lost$741.99
Total Bets21 Balance$100.88

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