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Player of the Match: -[oNe*WaY]- -v- the second luck Player of the Match: Spanish Soldiers -v- b00bs Player of the Match: -[oNe*WaY]- -v- Aera eSport Player of the Match: Spanish Soldiers -v- Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri Player of the Match: Spanish Soldiers -v- Snipers Gaulois ~MT~ Player of the Match: izzy -v- spit Player of the Match: spit -v- Various-Artists
Name KanTinaHs
UrT Authkanti
FromSpain Spain
Looking for TeamNo
About Me

Team Status Joined
Bahamas 2t' Terrorurbano Team © Member 27-01-2013 22:07
Spain Embarazos No Deseados Member 07-10-2013 20:39
Spain Mauricio Colmenero Leader 16-04-2012 17:57
Spain Spanish Soldiers Trustee 24-11-2011 21:43
Europe spit Trustee 22-12-2013 21:39

Team History
Date Description
17-01-2017 22:58 Player KanTinaHs Left Team Team Spain
22-12-2013 21:39 Player KanTinaHs Joined Team spit
07-10-2013 20:39 Player KanTinaHs Joined Team Embarazos No Deseados
27-01-2013 22:07 Player KanTinaHs Joined Team 2t' Terrorurbano Team ©
17-12-2012 21:56 Player KanTinaHs Joined Team Team Spain
24-11-2011 21:43 Player KanTinaHs Left Team -[oNe*WaY]-
24-11-2011 21:43 Player KanTinaHs Joined Team Spanish Soldiers

Game ID / History
Urban Terror Urban Terror UAC3 :
UrT Auth : kanti

Latest Demos

Open Bets0
Bets Won9 Amount Won$1,619.31
Bets Lost21 Amount Lost$2,248.30
Total Bets32 Balance$541.01

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