2K19 LAN Party

Posted by Biddle on 15/03/2019 13:00
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You might have seen that many Italian players are back around and organizing some great stuff on the community Discord.
Well, more specificly, the Quad.# guys are pushing the hype further!

This year, an Urban Terror LAN party will take place in Milan, Italy!

The event is confirmed for April 6th and 7th, 2019!

💰 Price

To attend the party, the entree fee will be of 30 euros. This incluides the entrance and a fully equiped gaming PC for the 2 days.
If you bring your own PC, a discount will be applied and, additionally, you can be provided with a monitor and the cables that you may need.

🗺️ Location

The LAN'll be at "VGP Home" and it is in Via Monte Nero 78, near Piazza 5 Giornate:

📍 More information

Join the UrT discord for more information!
You will find there:
- dedicated channels with the organizers ready to answer your questions,
- the confirmed guest list of people attending,
- info on schedule, prices and anything that has not yet been brought up


Posted by crimzon on 05/12/2018 15:53
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What's up guys? On sunday rocket-, Zmb and rkq had an intense battle in the final round of the very first Last Man Standing Cup of Urban-Zone. All three of them had many viewers rooting for them, but rocket this beast still managed to get the first place and winning 20€ with that. Congratulations for that!
Also a big thanks to everyone else for participating in the event and to all the viewers supporting the stream with many subscriptions and follows!!

1st Place - r0cket
2nd Place - Zmb
3rd Place - rkq

Now the time has come to bring back the Knockouts. After the LMS-Cup some people asked me to organize another knockout and I just thought "Yea why not?" since people seem to enjoy it way more than LMS.


• The first 15 players to comment a "+1" at this post are going to participate
(Feel free to comment your discord name too, so I don't have that much work finding you guys on discord when the cup is about to start)
5 maps are going to be played with 10 minutes time limit for each of them
• The last 3 players will be knocked out. SCOREBOARD DECIDES!

Maps will be announced on saturday
The event will be held on Sunday 9th of December - 16:00 CET


But that's not all! I'd also like to announce that there is going to be a 2vs2 Cup after the NC is finished!! It'll also have a little prize for the winner since we're getting closer to christmas!

The Signups are going to start pretty soon so all of you got some time to chose your favourite team mate!

Rules and prize will be posted very soon.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord.
See you soon! - crimzon`

Urban-Zone LMS TOURNAMENT #1 - Signups

Posted by crimzon on 26/11/2018 20:30
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While the 21. Nations cup is going on and many players decided to crawl out of their caves, the time has come to arrange the first Urban-Zone Last Man Standing Tournament. Let's see who's going to be our first champion.


The first 15 players to comment a "+1" at this post are going to participate.
Don't hold back commenting if there are already 15 players. Some players might not show up, then we're going to need a replacement.

The rules are easy

• 5 Maps are going to be played
• Each map has 10 rounds
• The last 3 players will be knocked out

The maps will be announced on Saturday.
The tournament will be held on Sunday 2nd of December - 16:00 CET


Of course the whole tournament will be streamed on Urban-Zone
Let's all have a moment to thank SevenofNine for shoutcasting the baby. Follows, subs and donations will be appreciated with many hearts, but of course you don't have to! Being there and having a nice time is also great!

[NC XXI] Captain Interview ft. France

Posted by Moonguse on 08/11/2018 14:15
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Interview of Zmb from Team France

Yoan "Zmbiie" S. is the current captain of the French team paired with Biddle. France have been untouchable since 2012 without loosing a single match and are once again part of the favorites to win this year's Nations Cup! We find 16 teams qualified for this edition, seperated into four groups, where the top 2 of each group will advance to the playoffs.

What's your age and how long have you been playing this game?

Yo I'm 23 and I've been playing for almost 8 year now, seriously started early 2011

How its feel to have a total domination of the Nations Cup last years?

Welp, it's true that we've been winning every year for a while now but I still don't really consider it as a domination, I mean, we never had a top 2 line-up on paper, top 3 was probably the best and also we never ever managed to get the best out of our players, I just guess other lineups were doing their training job worse than us AND didn't have as much as self control as us which allowed us not to tilt after loosing something we shouldn't have. I'm still super proud of what we've done and I look forward to seeing what we can do this year.

Where do you see yourself this year?

About this year, as always, aiming for the gold. As always, it's gonna be tough which makes it exciting.

Who are the 5 starters players for team France this year?

Tough to talk about 5 titulars, as players will play depending on the maps and what they showed to us -captains-. Obviously you're gonna see me in every lineup, I won't let my big ego hide ;). Brey, Keon and Slide should be seen in pretty much every TS map also.
In CTF you should see more of Biddle and also Xionix !

Who is the ingame Captain, AKA the real Captain?

Welp, since Simca is gonna be less active than planned, I'll be leading the TS. For CTF it's gonna be a two-man's job with Biddle.

NationsCup XXI - Week #1

Posted by Biddle on 06/11/2018 15:00
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As most of you have noticed, this week has been a busy one for the Urban Terror eSports scene, especially regarding the Nations Cup combined with the Fall Cup finals that got slightly delayed.

We'd like to give an additional shoutout to Mexico as this is only the second time they participate in an Urban Terror Nations Cup. For the full nations ist, please find them on the cup's page.

Furthermore, groups have been drawn and if you missed the live stream, here it is:

You may notice that we are already in the first week of this Nations Cup, please remember that this Competition differs from the regular Urban Zone events, therefore WildCards are making a comeback as well as forced matches! (*wink*)
Like in every Nations Cup, teams are free to play their prefered maps and modes, as long as the modes are called "CTF, TS or BOMB" and the maps are listed in the official mappool. You can find the mappool in the rule section of the Cup.
Teams have usually time until Sunday before their matchweek to pick their maps/gametypes and schedule their matches accordingly.
As we are already in the first matchweek, teams had till last night to pick their map and mode, for those who didn't mail their map & mode on time it has been set to the default week's mode and map: Bomb Mode on Orbital_sl and Team Survivor on Austria.

If you miss this deadline. Teams have 24 hours AFTER the deadline to change (only) a forced map. Changes past that time will only be able with the opp's consentment.
To choose your gametype, please post it on match comments of your upcoming match and inform me by mail (nationscup at urban-zone.org) or on Discord.

The first week schedule looks as follows:

GroupDateMatchMapsgame type
A Sunday 11th November 23:00 CET UK vs Belgium Uptown / Austria Team Survivor / Team Survivor
A Sunday 11th November 23:00 CET Brazil vs Mexico Sanctuary / Algiers Team Survivor / Capture The Flag
B Sunday 11th November 21:00 CET Australia vs Poland Turnpike / Tohunga Team Survivor / Capture the Flag
B Sunday 11th January 22:00 CET France vs Colombia Algiers / Orbital Capture The Flag / Team Survivor
C Sunday 11th November 22:00 CET Hungary vs Argentina Orbital / Austria Bomb / Team Survivor
C Sunday 11th November 21:00 CET Canada vs Germany Orbital / Kingdom Bomb / Team Survivor
D Sunday 11th November 21:00 CET Nordic vs USA Orbital / Abbey Team Survivor / Capture The Flag
D Sunday 11th November 21:00 CET Chile vs Portugal Casa / Austria Team Survivor / Team Survivor

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