Four tips to get ready for the upcoming UZ season


Let's say you've just started in the world of leagues and matches, maybe you already have a team and this is your first season, or maybe you're looking for one. Here are four simple tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Practice with your team
Although it sounds obvious it's the only way to learn how to apply tactics in game. Try not to play individually in public servers, but rather meet with your team, and do internal PCWs. By playing together you'll learn the skills and weaknesses of your teammates and you'll develop tactics that will be essential during matches. You can also arrange CW with teams in your division, to know what to expect during the matches. When playing CWs and matches, communication is essential, so if you aren't already doing so, you really need to use Mumble or TeamSpeak to talk with your teammates in real-time.

Tip #2: Watch the videos of past seasons
In case you don't know, you can find them here. The matches are uploaded in full length, like on GTV, and with an audio shoutcast to make them even more entertaining. Other than being fun to watch, you will learn a lot about how to play competitively. Moreover, you may find matches played by teams you'll find in your division.

Tip #3: Consider learning how to jump
While graphics isn't UrbanTerror's strength, one of the main reasons why the game is so good it its movement system. By curving while sprinting, you can gain speed. Crouching when fast enough will result in a powerslide, and you can jump on walls. The ability to take advantage of this is part of the difference between a pro and an average player. Jumping even became a side game in itself, with entire maps designed as a sequence of jumps of progressive difficulty and servers dedicated to this gametype. Jumping skills are very useful also during matches. For example, it allows to move faster in the map, and you'll learn how to manage your stamina efficiently. Also, jumping requires great control of your mouse movements, and can improve your aim as well. Lastly, jumping is especially useful when playing CTF, as some maps have shortcuts that will allow you to secure a cap much faster. An example of these maps is abbey, and to see some jump cap action you may want to watch the wTf| vs |GDW| match, skipping at around 12:45.

Tip #4: Choose the maps you're going to practice on carefully.
If you take a look at the list of maps allowed for matches, you'll notice it's quite long. Despite that, in most cases teams always choose the same three or four maps. For example, most CTF matches are played in either turnpike, abbey and algiers, even though tohunga is getting quite popular. By practicing for a long time in a rather unknown map and choosing it in a match, you'll gain a considerable advantage. Maps like oildepot, toxic, and ramelle are there waiting for that. However, if you've decided to try this route, carefully test the map you've chosen to see if it fits the purpose. Some maps aren't played for a reason. The +GER+ vs fk. match can be thought of as a textbook example of this. The first map played, chosen by +GER+, was abbey, and they won it by a large extent. However, fk. chose riyadh, a seldom played CTF map, and managed to turn a sure defeat into a draw.

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Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:59 pm

Good tutorial how to jump was made by BadFurDay english version french version
good luck to anyone trying to start playing competitively

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