Will the next season be played with 4.2?


[outdated, now we will play 4.2
- SevenofNine 15-04-2013]

Despite 4.2, the last major release of the game is out since this summer, most players are still playing with the 4.1.1 release. Moreover, even if in the summer cup it was possible to play with 4.2 -if both teams agreed-, this season is going to to be played on 4.1.1 only.

Unlike 4.1.1, which was only a minor release consisting mostly of updated maps, 4.2 was a significant break compared to the past (at least, a break in compatibility). New features have been added, old bugs have been fixed, but a large number of new bugs have been introduced.

Interestingly, some of the bug fixes introduced have actually been felt as bugs themselves. This is the case, to name the most notable example, with the hitbox bug. In 4.1.1, and all previous releases of the game, the hitboxes were not in sync with the graphics. Therefore, if a player moves fast enough, its hitbox lags behind him/her. While there is no doubt this is a bug, players -especially pro players and snipers- have unconsciously learned to aim behind moving players. As this bug is now fixed, they suddenly start to unhit. Another change, which is unclear if it is a bug or not, is that bleeding takes more time, again feeding the unhit whining. Other changes are surely bugs, such as the faster draining of stamina, that causes significant problems especially in jump maps and makes wearing a kevlar harder than ever. Also, although this is definitely not a show stopper, fun stuffs have been disabled.

In addition to all that, the 4.2 release of the game is incompatible with 4.1.1 servers, so player are forced to keep both versions installed, and the 4.2 servers sometimes crashes due to bugs in the new player authentication feature.

However, developers at frozen sands seem to be catching up, and made two releases in rapid succession: 4.2.002 and 4.2.003, each accompanied with a long list of fixed bugs. If development continues at this pace, maybe the next season will be played on 4.2. Will it be so? Only time will tell.

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