Reevaluating Bans


You may have noticed that some long standing bans at Urban Zone were removed. Well, not as much removed as shortened. After months of discussion, we have decided to re-evaluate our ban policies and adjust them to our needs.

That is why:
- people who were banned on the basis of demo reviews,
- prior to December 2011,
- and who haven't returned with a fake account while banned
have been unbanned and are free to return as players to Urban Zone competitions.

At the same time, we will apply the new ban policy to all current and future bans.

Banned players will receive the following penalties:
- on the basis of a demo - 1 year
- screenshot with hack - 1 year
- uac ban - 1 year
- other bans from reliable sources - 6-12 months
- repeated ban on anything within a year of getting unbanned - 1 year
- returning while banned cheater - reset of ban duration
- multiple missing demos/screens - 6-12 months
- uploading fake demo - 6 months
- bans from other competitions - according to type of ban
- multiclanning - individual consideration
- massive multiaccounting - permanent ban
- behavior bans - individual consideration

All bans will be revised according to this table in the near future.

Don't assume you have been unbanned. Wait for the unban to happen. If it doesn't happen, it's because you don't qualify to be unbanned.

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