POTW Knockout Nr. 3 - Interview with the winner - Chamonix


A jump-start quote from IRC from right after the match:
"To be honest, there was everything in that match. I made some mistakes, I made some great multi-kills/movements, and I got the luck in the last second. I'm sure that's the same for Akai and Cam during the game too."

Was this your first knockout or just first potw ko?
2nd knockout, first potw. I played the very first knockout.

I'm not going to ask which one you prefer but what's the difference, from the player point of view?
The only difference I felt between the two was the award, because the players that featured, you'd expect to also be in The Knockout games, not just the POTW knockouts. The challenge is still there, the adrenaline is still there and if the recent POTW final wasn't enough, the tense moments are still there.

You can say that again - the last minute, with you and camaroz switching places was a thrill to watch.
Imagine playing it. I got used to being in front, with a 3, sometimes 4 kill lead over the two, which Cam never let slip. Then around 3-4 minutes remaining, he seemed to turn it on. It was worrying, because even I was getting a little frustrated, and we got to the point where he was winning on deaths alone. And at 00:02, he was winning on deaths. At 00:01, I spawned with the faint hope of a player in view, and thankfully, there was, which I sprayed into with a bit of a squeeky bum.

The age old question - luck or skill? Wink
Every round except Dressing Room was skill I believe. I didn't need to top every map to go through, that wasn't my concern, but to keep above the dropzone, just concentrate and keep calm. Dressing Room however, that was 9 minutes, 50 seconds of skill, mixed with a little luck. I can wholeheartedly admit the final second was luck.

How did you like playing dressing room? The map's somewhat... unusual.
It's a weird one. I've never had much experience on it. The only time I've played competitively was against ins4n3 in a 1v1 for the UCL league, so naturally I saw him as 'the one to beat'. He went out in the previous round (I think) and felt a little more comfortable on Dressing Room against Cam and Akai.

Sometimes people ask what to expect in knockout, how difficult it is to concentrate for the 10 min, what to watch out for. Any advice?
You can play it two ways. You can play it without looking at the scoreboard and concentrating, or you can look at the scoreboard and get yourself all nervous and shaky. For some people, that causes them to concentrate and play harder.

What's your poison?
Chocolate and milk. And scoreboards. So many scoreboards. Every death, scoreboard. The closer to the timelimit, the more adrenaline you feel, the better you play.

That sounds nerve-wracking.
It feels like naptime after each round.

Does it get that intense when you play with yr team?
It only ever gets that intense in important matches, when in TS, last round 11-11 or ctf, last seconds with the winning flag. It happens a lot. You'll never know who you come up against, because sometimes, the skill level you expect is doubled. Everyone has their good and bad days. It's incredibly important to have a team you can rely on, and that's what we have with the Owls. We've known some of the members going on 5 years, and the teamwork reflects in our results.

You jumped the gun there, just what I wanted to ask.
Honestly, we've played so many matches in the SC so far, with plenty more to come, and it's refreshing to have been part of, essentially, the same team since I've began UrT, because the players who I've known for 5 years are there, and the players who have joined over the years have become good friends, and it's reflected in IRC, TS3 and in-game. And that combination is reflected in the results we have, and the position we're in.

People are loyal to their teams but your guys are known for their fervor. It takes special people to inspire that kind of loyalty. What's the secret? Smile
Now that's a hard one. You'll come across many different types of people, and those who have the right attitude and personality will fit right in. Those who play with us and don't have that same mentality, it's inevitable they will either turn against you or leave for someone else. Circle of life. During the SC seasons, we try take on quite a few new members. This never happens in regular seasons however. The SC for us is a time to branch out for new players, and for regular players to relax if they want to. Usually, those with the personality we look for, often stay.

Is there a person who is holding you all together and organized or do you do that for each other?
It's a bit of both really. We have our leaders, who take care of scheduling, rosters, line-ups, tactics and orders etc, but everyone in their team has their own place, and that place is equal to everyone else's in terms of opinion and 'rank', if you will. We couldn't do this so well without those leaders, and we couldn't do this without the bond between the players either.

If it ever happens, what will be the end of you?
The only 'end' would be Urban Terror. We're too tightly knit to disperse if the game eventually died down. God forbid that ever happens, of course.

That sounds a lot like oldschool teams. I lost mine to real life - families, work. Guess that happens when you prefer recruiting older players.
Well that's the beauty of being my age. No family as of yet! But I don't think age is an issue. When we began, we had players from 14 - 50. Some grew up, some moved on. It's the personality we've always been interested in, and you can find that in the young and the old. We still talk to those who have left the team quite a lot. I ask AlexDenton to return to us at least once a week.

What else do you play together?
The biggest game we play together now is Age of Empires II. Some of us play Battlefield 3, CS:GO from time to time...

Have you set any ultimate goal for yourself in the game? You know, the usual "I wanna win this once".
I think as a team, you'll have the same goals and expectations, especially from season to season, you'll hope to match or beat your last result. Personally, I know what I'm capable of in matches, and as long as I'm equal to that, I have nothing to be disappointed about. I've won the knockout POTM, the next logical step for me would be the main knockout competition!

What would you like to see happen in competitions? Is there anything you miss, anything you'd change?
There's nothing I can think of that you haven't done, or don't offer, whether that's regular seasons or summer/winter cup action. So much variation in maps, game types, team sizes etc. It's not so much the competition I'd love to see change, it's more the teams.

The Owls are a great example of what an incredibly friendly and understanding team can achieve. Some teams last for weeks, even days, and if you want to win something, you need a little more than just pure skill. You can decide whether 'winning' is related to the game or related to a friendship. Related to the friendships you make and keep, if that makes sense. That's the beauty of getting to know people in this sort of setting. You have a mutual interest, you build your teamwork and communication skills and depending on the type of person and team you are, you decide whether I'd just a game or a way of meeting new people. I know of plenty in our team who have met each other, had dinner, drinks, enjoyed themselves among new, yet familiar company. I've done it many times before seeing bands and the opportunity is always there to meet the team too.

That's why I get a rash every time someone justifies being a wad by saying "it's just a game".
The only time I'll ever say 'it's just a game' is when we're losing and people are getting frustrated. And I mean seriously frustrated. It happens. It happens all the time to the best of us. Just take a step back and understand what a loss means (nothing at all, it's just a game after all), and that you've got a little more than a game to go back to once you've cooled down.

Sometimes you just have this bad day with someone.
I know the feeling. Sometimes you'll just meet that player is the complete opposite of you, naturally opposite of you.

And sometimes you meet the player who makes you play better than you should. You know you all shouldn't be playing that well. But you do, with that player or that lineup.
Exactly. That's one key reason why you should chop and change your lineup if something isn't working. You never knew if that new addition will turn the tables.

I usually ask about inspiring people met/seen in the game. Got anyone like that?
I don't think there are any 'stars' or inspiring people for me in the game. We tend to do that as a team. We inspire each other. We make sure to address any issues, game related or not. Whether that's tactical, positions, aim, use of guns.

I smell inspiration in the air, that's pretty rare.
Feel free to take inspiration from us! Anyone is welcome to the #Owl-Team channel and talk to us. We don't bite.

Do you have any shoutouts, messages, final words?
I'd like to wish everyone luck in their SC and knockout matches. Skaz and Champ wanted a shoutout so they can have that. Some guy named Slash wanted one too but I don't know who he is. It's been my pleasure, come see us and play against us as the Owl Team, and I'll see you around.

Thanks Smile

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Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:59 am

MA BOI!!!!
Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:28 am


Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:15 pm

Alex, wanna play with us next season? And maybe next 5 seasons too. Contract is open.

GJ Chamo! 2stronk. And who the fuck is Slash?
Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:15 pm

Chamonix is grounded. No skittles for a month.

Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:21 pm

Oh for gods sake.
Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:01 am

Good read!!! A few questions crossed my mind

Who the fuck is this guy?

Why does he think he can teach others urt while getting completly raped by a mid tier team? urban-zone.org/index.p...ture=19638

Why did i drink so much?
Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:29 pm

Hi, I'm Chamonix, I'm sure you gathered that from the interview.

Everyone has their good and bad days, also mentioned in the interview.

Not sure, nor is it covered in the interview.
Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:13 pm

"Good read" but this this this this this is wrong
Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:29 pm

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