POTW Knockout Nr. 5 and 6 - Interview with the winner - Crimzon


"Maaaaaan, hoooly shit, I'm so shocked!!! Very Happy I can't fcking believe it Very Happy I'm sooo damn lucky."

That was exciting.
Yea, very exciting, i still can't believe.

How did you like pg227?
It was very hard to play because the opponents spawn very often behind you. Like 1 year ago I played pg227 in sniper only mode, was also funny Very Happy

You play or try to play knockout quite often. Why do you like it? Smile
I like knockout, because it is something new, you don't really need skill to win the first rounds. You just need a nice map and a good spawn.

What was the best map this week and what was the worst one?
The worst map was definitely ut4_blitzkrieg, it was too large for the 7 players there, and the best map was kingdom Very Happy It was so large and with 15 players just amazing. I saw players on every spot Very Happy

What's your tactic for playing knockout?
My tactic in knockout is to turn around after every spawn and every kill because very often your opponent's coming from behind and trying to steal. It's also very important to look in every corner because many people like to camp there.

What maps would you like to see in future knockouts?
I would like to play bohemia, orbital, dust 2 and maybe some other custom maps Smile

Are there any other events you'd like to see us do?
I would like to participate now on every event like the next skeetshoot tournament. The map of 2013 is very hard, could be a exciting tournament.

How long have you played UrT?
I play now since 4 years with some breaks.

How did you start?
I was searching in the internet for "the best free egoshooters" and then I found urban terror. At the beginning I didn't like it because I didn't know how to jump, how to get so fast, but with time I was getting better with the help of my friend theory`.

Starting, people have players they want to measure up to. Who was yours?
Yes, ofc I had someone to measure up to Smile It was xandaxs, the old leader of win or win.

You've been switching teams around a bit, are you still looking for the ideal one?
I already found the ideal one Smile I'm playing now since 4 months for fruit ninjas, they are just div 5 in urban zone, but they are so damn friendly. It's the best clan to make good friends.

How did you find them?
I met biddle in a urt pickup and one time he asked me to ring in a pcw for fruit ninjas and yea it was funny to play with them. After that pcw I played every day with them and then I wrote an application Smile

You hang out a lot with the German community, what keeps you interested?
I hang out a lot with the German community because they are very funny. I know many people in the German community and everyone is very nice; there are a lot of funny topics on www.iourbanterror.de.

Well, thank you for the interview. Got any shoutouts for your friends?
Lastly I just want to say thank you to Qui-Gon from fruit ninjas who motivated me in the final map with the the following poke: "Win or Clankick".

Well, he never made it that far, he just wanted to see how it feels to win by proxy Wink
Yea he sucks as hell Very Happy

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