CTF League Season 18 / TS League Season 11 / BOMB League Season 3 Awards


*All credit for the awards goes to ButterdBread and his mad organizing skills.


To keep up the tradition of releasing awards late, here's the long awaited newspost with the awards for CTF League Season 18, TS League Season 11 and Bomb League Season 3. This season was the first one to be played in Urban Terror 4.2 only and the second time we featured the cup layout for the top two divs. It was a thrilling and enthralling season, almost till the very end. Unfortunately some of the top-clans in the bomb cup decided to back off and didn't play the finals, therefore we were not able to hand out the awards for this category.

As always, we'd also like to thank everyone who made this season happen, the whole staff and all teams and players who donated money, time and resources.

This season's awards are based on the design by rasta|blaster and were created and finally put together by ButterdBread. We decided to skip the special and idiot awards this season too - lucky for those few individuals and clans who didn't know how to behave and unlucky for those who did extraordinarily.

And here are the winners for this season. You can grab your awards HERE.

CTF League, Season 18
Cup: Gold Medal - aCe || Silver Medal - Grzmiace Dupy || Bronze Medal - Good Gamers
Division 3: First place - Selection Finger || Second place - Fidelitas
Division 4: First place - Underground Night Arts || Second place - Spanish Soldiers
Division 5: First place - Urban Unit || Second place - FruitNinjas
Division 6: First place - Polish Erotoman || Second place - Clan Fanatic Gamers 2

TS League, Season 11
Cup: Gold Medal - b00bs || Silver Medal - Highend-Gaming || Bronze Medal - Team EasyFix.it
Division 3: First place - Rush Together || Second place - Various Artists
Division 4: First place - French Killerz || Second place - The Parliament of Lovely Owls
Division 5: First place - eNigmatic esport || Second place - God Bless You
Division 6: First place - Underground Night Arts || Second place - Invincible Noobs
Division 7: First place - [Gore] 2Squad || Second place - Survivor German Warriors [TS]
Division 8: First place - pHuckers || Second place - Ghost Squad
Division 9: First place - Made from Hell || Second place - ExplosionClan
Division 10: First place - don't Rage` || Second place - Raping-KaZlacks

Bomb League, Season 3
Division 3: First place - b00bs-dd || Second place - The Dead Brothers
Division 4: First place - Alle Leute Kommen In || Second place - LegacY
Division 5: First place - vnr. Team || Second place - Fidelitas
Division 6: First place - GITAN'S CREW || Second place - Urban Unit
Division 7: First place - Clan Fanatic Gamers 2 || Second place - Skilled Team

Get your awards HERE.

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