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On this website you effectively have 2 "accounts". One is your website account, which is used to authenticate you when you login to the website and is used primarily on parts of the website not related to competitions.

The other is your Player Profile, which stores information about you as a Player and is used exclusively by the competition management system on this website. A Player Profile is created automatically when you register a website account, or when you first visit the My Player Profile page in the competition system, so you don't need to specifically create one. You will however almost certainly want to update your details from time to time.

Select Home -> Competition and then click the My Player Profile link. You will see this form:-

Fill in the form as appropriate, in particular ensure the Active option is set to Yes (otherwise you won't be able to play in any Competitions or join Teams) and select a country so a flag is displayed next to your name wherever it appears in the system.

If you're looking for a Team set Looking for Team to Yes and provide some details about yourself that prospective Teams might need to know.

There are also other fields you can complete which will appear on your public Player Profile page.

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