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This post was prepared by ButterdBread.

We from Urban Zone want to give you a very special Christmas present this year - your well-earned awards for Capture the Flag League Season 19, Team Survivor League Season 12 and Bomb & Defuse League Season 4.

As always, we'd also like to thank everyone who made this season happen, the whole staff and all teams and players who donated money, time and resources.

This season's awards were once again created by rasta|blaster. Thank you very much, they are really awesome. If you are creative as well and want to do some artwork for Urban Zone too, please contact ButterdBread. We appreciate new creative people in our staff at all times.

And here are the winners for this season. You can grab your awards HERE:

CTF League, Season 19
Cup: Gold Medal - aCe || Silver Medal - Get Wrecked || Bronze Medal - rush together
Division 2: First place - Türk Silahli Kuvvetleri || Second place - The Dead Brothers
Division 3: First place - axe-Team || Second place - FruitNinjas
Division 4: First place - Vida Louka || Second place - Steve&D@x clan
Division 5: First place - Légitime Violence || Second place - flawless gamers

TS League, Season 12
Cup: Gold Medal - aCe || Silver Medal - b00bs || Bronze Medal - strayA
Division 3: First place - The Dead Brothers || Second place - Embarazos No Deseados|
Division 4: First place - GROM || Second place - Legacy
Division 5: First place - Fidelitas || Second place - Türk Silahli Kuvvetleri
Division 6: First place - axe-Team || Second place - Clan Fanatic Gamers
Division 7: First place - Anal Destruction Nuclear || Second place - PlayersWithClass2nd
Division 8: First place - Légitime Violence || Second place - Toxico
Division 9: First place - Not Even Trying || Second place - Mercenarios de Elite
Division 10: First place - Gamers Official || Second place - Kings of Zombie Hunters

BOMB League, Season 4
Cup: Gold Medal - SZynka || Silver Medal - [b00bs] || Bronze Medal - Various Artists
Division 2: First place - dont Rage`| || Second place - The Dead Brothers
Division 3: First place - Urban Unit || Second place - Navy Seals
Division 4: First place - Vida Louka || Second place - Not Even Trying
Division 5: First place - Euskal Urban Terror || Second place - Valhalla

These special awards are given by Urban Zone staff to teams and players who fought hard for the honor. And dishonor, in some cases.

Sportsmanship Award: In CTF, the award for outstanding sportsmanship goes to team Quit or Die, who are always trying to be fair with their opponents. In TS, Golden Helmets takes the award, being an excellent example for good behaviour. In BM we awarded [Gore] 2Squad, who were a bit more understanding and cooperative than the other clans in this league.

Match of the Season: The award for the best match in the CTF league goes to InTribe2 and =[TSK]= having entertained us perfectly with this UNBELIEVABLE DRAW. In TS, the match of the season was played by aera. and SaFt in this MATCH of the Quarter Finals. In BM, as hard as we tried, we couldn't find a match, which was more outstanding than the others. Sorry, people.

Most Improved: The most improved team in CTF was =[TSK]=. In TS aera. caught our eye. In BOMB mode it was dont Rage who finally convinced us.

Best Gambler Award: Our betting module (HERE) was used this season too! The best gambler this season was MATR1X having won quite a few virtual dollars more than the second and third places. Let’s see if he can pull it off again next season.

And now the idiot awards.

Golden Pacifier Award: The pacifier is our award for people who should think more before they decide to talk and act. In TS, the award goes to gink0 of Owls who seems to be a really bad loser and a huge crybaby. In BOMB and CTF nobody was annyoing enough to get the award, but please don't try to get it next season either!

Golden Dildo Award: The golden dildo needs no explanation - we give it to people who act like real d… dimwits. This season, the CTF award goes to aCe. In TS, this doubtful distinction goes to undso while in BOMB mode the award can be handed over to Cancer Foundation.

Feel free to pick up your awards HERE.

We're glad to announce that this season we were able to give out a few prizes, thanks to our wonderful sponsor Clan Outpost Gameservers. The winners are aCe and SZynka| who have received a server that they can use until there’s a new winner of the following regular season.

Stay updated for the Winter Cup, which is starting very soon! This time there will be a prize for winning the Winter Cup as well, so there's even more reason to participate and give your best.

Happy fragging and have a nice Christmas! Smile

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Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:32 pm

The best part about: "Golden Pacifier Award" Very Happy
Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:37 pm

aw no awards for div 2 Sad
Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:30 pm

they must have disappeared somehow. i'll try to reup them as fast as possible!
Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:22 pm

congratz everyone Smile
Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:23 am

aCe acted like dicks in CTF?

I really don't understand...

soz 4 ze anal rape <3

Maybe I do :*


wait no, maybe I don't ?

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