01.02 Joining and Leaving Teams

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To join a Team select Home -> Competition and then click My Teams. You will see a list of Teams that have set a Join password.

Select a Team, enter the password, and then click the Join button. You will be added to the Team with status "Member". Obviously you will need to know the join password, you can't just add yourself to any Team that takes your fancy Wink

Team leaders may also invite people to join them. If you've been invited you will see the Team name and an [ Accept / Decline ] link, from which you can accept the invitation (in which case you'll be added as a "Member") or decline, in which case you won't (and the invitation will be deleted). As a Player it's your choice whether to join a Team or not, no-one (other than site Admins) can add you to a Team against your will.

To leave a Team go to Home -> Competition, select My Player Profile and then the Teams tab. This will list the Teams you're a member of.

To leave a Team click the icon. Note: You can't leave a Team if you're the Team Leader. You can however promote someone else to Leader and then leave. To manage a Team you're a Leader of click the icon.

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