Summer Cup 2015


Better late then never, we welcome you to another Urban Zone Summer Cup. This is the 8th summer cup edition we are hosting. But before we start, please take a look at UZ competition rules and get familiar with them. In the Urban Zone Summer Cup, teams are able to play whatever gametype they prefer. The available gametypes are listed below. Additionally, it is possible to play whichever stable custom map you wish.
The Summer Cup will open it's doors on August the 5th 2015 at 10 a.m. CEST.

Reminder: It is not necessary to be on the roster for more 24 hours to participate in an SC match. A player just has to be on the roster before the match starts. Of course: transfer rules still apply.

The Config files for the Summer Cup havn't changed since last summer and are still available at the following location:;id=1243

Match-Week Themes
Surprise themes might be announced for some of the match-weeks of the Summer Cup. However, for week 1, we will go for a classic and accommodating start without any theme.

Number of Players
This is a big change for Urban Zone events. Matches can be played with a variable number of players - anything in between 4 and 6:
- 4 vs 4,
- 5 vs 5 or
- 6 vs 6.
This should be an advantage for all the teams, since those with a smaller or greater than average number of players can still engage in the competition with most of their active members.

Gametypes and Maps
Allowed gametypes and maps for this Summer Cup season are:
Wave CTF and TS - Teams are allowed to use all regular league maps; all standard UrT maps (those that come with the game); and any TESTED custom map the opponents agree to play.
BOMB - Teams are allowed to use all regular league maps and all standard UrT maps with bomb mode support.
Nowave CTF - ut4_toxic, ut4_riyadh, ut4_sanc, ut4_kingdom_rc6, ut4_abbey, ut4_tohunga_b8, ut4_filtration, ut4_ambush, ut4_poland_b11, ut4_casa, ut4_toxic, ut4_subway
Capture And Hold - ut4_secretbase, ut4_casa, ut4_tohunga_b8, ut4_oildepot, ut4_kingdom_rc6, ut4_swim, ut4_prague, ut4_elgin, ut4_kingpin, ut4_orbital_sl, ut4_sanc
Follow The Leader - ut4_casa, ut4_turnpike, ut4_kingdom, ut4_mandolin, ut4_cascade, ut4_algiers, ut4_paris_v2, ut4_bohemia, ut4_uptown, ut4_docks, ut4_austria, ut4_eagle, ut4_ramelle, ut4_sanc, ut4_swim
Team Deathmatch - ut4_riyadh, ut4_algiers, ut4_sanc, ut4_turnpike, ut4_austria, ut4_abbey, ut4_subway, ut4_uptown, ut4_elgin, ut4_poland_b11, ut4_village, ut4_beijing, ut4_sliema, ut4_orbital_sl, ut4_baeza, ut4_docks, ut4_facade_b5

We will accept suggestions for adding custom maps to the allowed map lists throughout the cup. The only requirement - same as with maps your opponents can agree to play in CTF and TS - is that they are stable and fully functioning: they are not a snapshot of a work in progress, and they don't contain unbalancing bugs. You need to test unknown custom maps before a match or before suggesting them for cup use.

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Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:15 pm

This game is far from beeing dead, oh fuck me.
Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:49 am
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