Groups published for season 27/20/12


It's time for the 27th CTF season, the 20th TS season and the 12th BM season. The group draw was not live on twitch this time due to time limitations and some technical challenges. Nevertheless it was recorded live and is available below.

Like every season, the referees will be available to answer any questions via PM or on IRC #urban-zone. If you would like to assist us in the competition's organization, please contact an admin.

For rule changes click "read more"

Rule Updates

- Transfers in playoffs:
During the playoff stage, transfers are constrained by an additional rule: Teams can no longer receive a transfer from an other Team participating in the playoffs stage. Therefore, one player can only play for one unique team in the playoffs stage. If his team qualifies for the playoffs, he is bound to them for that season. If a team wants to use it's transfer during the playoff stage, the player must either come from a team that did not qualify to playoffs/from a lower division, or a player who did not play for a team yet in this gametype this season.
As usual top 3 qualify for playoffs, except for TS where it will be top 4 due to the large number of teams per group.

- Map choices:
As a certain portion of the playerbase expressed the will of seeing weekly mappools set, we will wait till the next season after the summer cup to make the final decision. Nevertheless, to make one step towards mappools, and the map diversity they offer, teams will be only allowed to choose a map once in the group stage. This means, that for example, in CTF, where teams have 3 matches in group stage, they will need to play 3 different maps. Now it's up to teams to choose them wisely and keep their best pick against the toughest opponents.

- Bomb mode :
In Bomb & Defuse mode, once a team has reached 10 points on a map. You can freely move on to playing the next map. No need to play the remaining rounds.

Server Configs

The server configs can be downloaded in our configs section. All matches must be played with the Urban Zone configs, so please inform you clan leaders or server hosts about the new config file.

Streaming & more:

If you want to stay up to date with all the streaming / shoutcasting activities you can "follow" us on and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. For more announcements etc. like us on facebook and/or follow our twitter.

League Servers:

Like before, Urban Zone has several servers available in case you need a neutral server for your matches. Some of those servers were donated by participating teams - thank you. Contact a ref if a server is needed.

If you have any questions, contact directly the referee of your division or ask your question in the league channel - #urban-zone ( and don’t forget to idle there. You can use this web IRC client to join the channel. Please be patient though. It may take a few minutes before someone answers and sometimes you will have to ask two times.

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Sun May 22, 2016 5:43 pm

dat logo tho
Sun May 22, 2016 7:32 pm

As usual top 3 qualify for playoffs


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