Nation Cup XX - Playoffs


After 5 weeks of fierce fighting in the groupstage, the NationsCup XX has reached its most exciting point: the playoffs stage!
Congratulations to Asia, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, Nordic, Spain, United Kingdom and Venezuela for their honorable course.

In a few weeks time we will all be glued to our screens watching an amaizing best of 5 NationsCup final.

Good luck to the teams qualified for the eights, most of the matches should be very interesting at this stage and the semi-finals even more promising.

Please remember and remind your team mates that every player must upload screens in playoffs matches. (cg_autoscreenshot 2)

Our crazy analyst Shoushou has once again made an interesting preview for the upcoming games, so don't miss them and click right away on Read more...

Part 1 : Groupstages Awards, who deserve the credit ?

Notes for awards and what they represent :
- Best player Award → Best rating
- Rampage Award → Most Kills/Rounds average.
- Open the Way Award → Most EntryKills/Rounds average.
- I stay behind Award → Most Survived rounds percentage.
- I don't need teamates award → Most Clutch points (1v1 win is 1 point, 1v2 win is 2 points …)
- Boom Boom Award → Most Grenade Kills/rounds average.
- Hot Riffle Award → Most Riffle kills/rounds average.
- Scope that shit Award → Most Sniper kills/rounds average.
- Pistolero Award → Most Pistol kills/rounds average.

Players need to play at least 4 TS/BM maps to appear.

Part 2 : Playoff Preview, what to expect ?

France vs USA :

The main thing with France right now is we don't know how good they are. I mean, they were the better team in the groupstages based on results alone, but they had a lucky draw that made them played the “weakest” opponent in every stage (lucky may be a big word, 2 of their 3 opponents made it to playoffs). But none of the teams were able to be a treath at any moments. So as we know it, France seems untouchable in CTF, so they may start with a 1-0 lead in every match. And yet, we know they are good in TS, but as they didn't face any of the others good TS teams, it's hard to know their real level. USA will be their real first test in this competition. Speaking of USA, they went to the playoffs with a 3-2 record, which may be irrelevent of their real level as they most likely would have been 3-0 with the same opponents than France. Nethertheless, at the beginning of the competition, I would probably have say that a TS maps between France and USA would have been even. Probably not anymore : Xixion is not here anymore and he was one of the 2 best players for the americans, Camaroz has yet to show an excellent level, Tarquin is inconsistent and the others are between decent and bad depending the days. On the other hand, we've seen team underperforming in groupstages and coming back with a strong mentality later in the competition. We'll see how this match work out, but it could very well be a thrilling 3 maps matchs, or a total rape from France.
Odds : France 75 / 25 USA

Portugal vs Argentina :

Portugal went to the playoffs as expected, relying on a strong TS game based on individual rather than teamplay : few practice but good efficience : they can beat everybody in TS. But they also can be beat by any of the others favorites in that same gametype, as shown in their match versus Germany and the close match they had versus Colombia. They'll probably keep that same strategy for this Quarterfinal match. On the other side is Argentina, which is the bad surprise of quarterfinal. Not a offense to them of course, they won their groupstages matches fairly and are some of the nicest players to play against. But the thing is I was expected more of them, and they disapointed for 2 reasons : they were enable to play with a constant base in their 5, and won their ticket to playoffs due to a lucky draw … and even with that, they were close to losing that match versus Venezuela. One requirement for Argentina to win is that they need to play this match with the best lineup (for now, it seems they played their groupstage match with whoever could play, and that included changing players in between maps), that include Arexo, Snull and Dazzler who were the 3 players that were constant and good during the groupstages. But ever with that, I don't see any weakness in Portugal that Argentina could exploit. In order for the Argentinians to win, they'll need to play better that they did until now, and hoping on a bad day from Portugal. Maybe challenging them in CTF could be a solution as well, but i'd favor Portugal in CTF as well simply because of skill.
Odds : Portugal 90 / 10 Argentina

Belgium vs Italy :

With their showing in the groupstages, Belgium upgraded from outsider to one of the favorites to win the competition. They completely destroyed Colombia, USA and Brazil, with only a close lose against Germany in a match that was basicly a toss-up. Belgium is the only team whose best players were not at the top when the game went inactive, but those players somehow managed to keep progressing and are today better than they were. Now, whether it's Rocket, Sheyin and Locati, all three of them can go crazy during a map and have a +20 K/D against any teams including the favorite (even if Locati has yet to show it during this NC). If 2 of those 3 players can go crazy during the same map, they'll win against anybody, but they have yet to do that. On the other side, Italy came back recently only to play the NC, and despite their qualification to playoffs, they have yet to show a level that can be threatening to any of the favorites (to the point they quitted during their match versus France). They were on the good side on some really close matches (versus Netherlands after an impressive comeback, versus Canada where both maps were to overtime), but that's something that won't happen against a team of the level of Belgium. Belgium will most likely pick TS and Italy will pick CTF. The TS will be a one-sided game for Belgium, the CTF could be closer, but I see Belgium claming a 2-0 win with a strong showing.
Odds : Belgium 75 / 25 Italy.

Germany vs Colombia :

Colombia is for me the greatest surprise of that year. They are the only team that qualified to playoffs despite coming from the qualifier, and that was not because of a luck draw or forfeit chance. They just played better that it was expected from them, playing with solidarity and surprisingly correct teamplay for a mix, and they finally upsetted Netherlands to win their ticket to the playoffs. On the other side, Germany proved how strong they are in the groupstages by beating both Portugal and Belgium in thrilling matches. I think we could expect both teams to pick TS for this match. Germany would crush Colombia in CTF, but I think they'll pick TS anyway. We could see Colombia picking Cambridge, as they did in their matches versus Portugal and Netherlands, because they have a chance to win the early rounds and camp for a win after (which btw is why this map shouldn't be in the maplist). And that could totally work if Germany underestimate them. But that's their only chance considering the skill difference between the two teams. Overall, it should be a Germany win there, they are better in every department of the game. The only things that could change that, maybe Germany isn't used to play with higher pings as they have yet to play a non-euro team. The other thing that could reduce Germany chance is pressure : they have players in the team that never experienced pressure in higher level game (Nexxis, Horizon) and could crumble under pressure if the game is close. But that's a lot of “if”.
Odds : Germany 80 / 20 Colombia

As usual, the previous text only represent my opinion and is not necesseraly shared by any of the others UZ staff members. The quarterfinal preview was wrote before the match Portugal vs Argentina took place. The list of players for each team indicate the list of players who played for each team during the NC, including the ones that played CTF only. The ratings only include TS/BM matches.

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Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:52 pm
[ 2 ]

Nice analysis Shoushou, thank you!
Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:44 am

When you have sick stats but still didnt make it to playoffs Sad
Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:08 pm

Nice article, but Horizon is an experienced player. He reached and played in the grand final of ts season 11 Smile
Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:53 pm

That's true, but don't forget that at that time, UZ was still the minor competition, and Horizon never faced a top10 TS team. That obviously doesn't mean he is a bad player or that he will fall under pressure.
Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:03 pm
[ -4 ]

Where do we votes !

Vred POTNC ! <3
Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:55 pm

Not a vote, only some raw stats.
Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:14 am

sheyin potnc

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