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*This is a long read, but worth while*

I've noticed that many people use webchat irc instead of taking the time to install an IRC client on their pc. The reasons why in my opinion you should do this are because once you're all setup it's a lot easier, quicker. You also have more options such as creating and owning channels, which is a must if you want your clan to be taken serious.

There are loads of IRC clients out there. mIRC is popular among most of the competitive gamers, but mIRC is shareware and after 30 days starting it up takes a bit longer unless you are willing to pay for it. Personally I've been using mIRC and NoNameScript (from now on "NNScript") for close to 5 years now and even though starting it up takes 15 seconds all the functionality remains. NNScript is free.
Another popular client is Xchat, it is open source and runs on windows Linux and osx. Though being open source does not mean Xchat is always free, on linux it is, on windows there are some paid client for Xchat but there are free Windows XChat clients. But this guide is not about Xchat because I think mIRC is better.

The Urban Terror scene is divided in different IRC servers, for instance the European scene primarily uses QuakeNet. Gamesurge is used by the North American and South American community. There is also EnterTheGame (ETG) which is used by the by the older North American scene. I'll be writing from the European perspective.

Installation & Setup
First you will need to download mIRC and NoNameScript you can do that here and here.

1) Install mIRC, just next and agree with everything, make sure you select "Full install" then finish.

2) Now install NNScript, accept and next everything, make sure you select the directory where you have installed mIRC and then for the NNScript directory select whatever you want. Install and download the latest servers.ini, and finish.

3) Now start NNScript, don't start mIRC, NNScript will do all that for you. You'll see something like this

click "Continue"

4) I immediately got two pop-ups, one asking me if I wanted to update mIRC, I wouldn't do it because it might break the compatibility with NNScript. So uncheck "Automatically check for updates" and click "Later".

The next popup was to setup NNScript, click "OK".

5) In the settings page go to the tab "Favorite networks" then in the list of "Available networks" select QuakeNet and click on the right arrow to put it in your "Favorite networks".
Set it up the same way I have in the picture, your nickname cannot contain spaces and your email address can be fake if you want that.

6) Next go to "Themes" and choose a theme you like.


7) Next we're going to setup a QuakeNet account. Please restart NNScript, it will automatically make contact with QuakeNet now. You might get the following popup from windows

Just "Allow access".

Cool You should see something similar to this

You are now connected to QuakeNet.

9) Now type this "/msg Q HELLO user@host.com user@host.com"
user@host.com has to be your valid email address
If the account creation is successful a link where you can obtain your password will be sent to the email address you supplied, you will be required to read and reenter a series of characters before you are given your password. If account creation failed then Q will inform you of the reason, usually the problem is either the account already exists or your nickname has special characters in, in both cases change your nickname to a more suitable one.

10) Now go to the NNScript tab and go to "setup" then "Network services" -> QuakeNet and fill in your nickname and password you received from QuakeNet in your email. Copy the rest of the settings in the screenshot and click on "Ok".

Joining Channels

12) Go to the "Favorites" tab and click on "Organize favorites...", this screen will show

13) click on "Add" and copy the rest of the settings as shown in this screenshot

14) To add Quakenet to the "Networks" click add and select Quakenet as shown in this image

Repeat step 13 for all channels you want to join in IRC, here is a list of channels that might be helpful.
#urban-zone (our public channel)
#urbanterror (the public channel of the Urban Terror developers)
#urtpickup (a pickup channel if you want to play CTF wars with strangers)
#urtpickup.ts (a pickup channel if you want to play TS wars with strangers)

Most clans also have channels, you can find them in the clan description pages on www.urban-zone.org for instance my clan is #intribe

Creating channels and requesting Q

15) If you just started a new clan or want to have a presence on IRC you need to create a channel, a good idea is to create a channel with the name of your clan. So for instance your clans name is urtfrags the type this in irc "/join #urtfrags". Most likely the channel is empty and you will get an @ in front of your name, if it's not empty then you will have to search for another channel, for instance #urbanterrorfrags

16) As shown in the last picture, you have @ so you are temporarily the owner of the channel. To make the channel permanently yours you need to request Q bot. This bot will stay in the channel even when you are gone and will keep the channel for you, so no one else can steal it.
17) To request Q type this "/msg R REQUESTBOT #channel" and change #channel to your channel name. You must have at least 3 people in the channel and have them stay in the channel for a couple of hours. There is no exact time, just type "/msg R REQUESTBOT #channel" every 15 minutes and eventually Q will join, then the channel will be yours. Don't give @ to anybody you don't know or else they might steal the channel from you.
Don't forget to update your IRC channel in your clans description on www.urban-zone.org.


18) z0rbot is a bot used by clans to find practice clanwars or clanwars, it's very handy but you'll first have to request z0rbot for your channel, to do that go to http://www.z0r.nl/index.php?link=request
be patient when requesting z0rbot, the admins also have real lives Smile
look around in the site as it also shows the commands you need to search for wars etc

One last thing I'd like to tell you is that you don't have to close IRC if you are not behind the computer. Idling is good!

That's it! You are done setting up IRC, what I've written down are the basics to get you started. If you feel that I missed something very important feel free to say so in the comments section down below.

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