Winter Cup 2018


Dear Players,

With temperatures freezing everything, UZ needed a bit longer to warm up this year.
So, better late than never, Urban Zone is reviving the UrT competitive scene in 2018!

Winter Fun Cup (WFC)

Winter Pro Cup (WPC)

That cup will be dedicated to fun, chill and relax games, the teams will be able to choose the mode they want to play.
- Game type BM, TS, CTF & Freeze Tag (FT)
- Tournament format: Groupe Stage + Playoffs
- Rules: One transfer per player per team. You can more in rules here

That cup will be dedicated to serious and try harder players, the teams will only be able to choose the same map once, like in league div1.
- Game type: Team Survivor (TS)
- Tournament format: Groupe Stage + Playoffs (8 teams max)
- Rules: No player transfers between two teams allowed.

So if you want to bomb or freeze down your enemies, hit Signup here! Sound's fun and challenging? Wait no more and Signup here!


Signup: Teams can sign up to the competition they want.
We will get in contact with the teams if we feel you might have signed up for the wrong cup. The 8 best teams will be placed in the WPC.

Please take a look at UZ competition rules and get familiar with them.

Signups end on Sunday Night, respectively 28th of January at 23:59:59 CET - so be quick!

Last thing but not the least, the Winter Pro Cup players can also play in the Fun Cup.
Nevertheless, a WFC team can only have a single WPC player playing for them at the same time in game.

To reach out any member of the staff or even the other players, you can now find us on Discord.

Here's a sexy invite to the Urban Zone server:

We'll be getting back in touch with you guys very soon for some intense SR8 action announcement!

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:54 pm
[ -5 ]

Is this a joke xd
Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:09 am

no elo mordo skad to zwÄ…tpienie

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