2K19 LAN Party


You might have seen that many Italian players are back around and organizing some great stuff on the community Discord.
Well, more specificly, the Quad.# guys are pushing the hype further!

This year, an Urban Terror LAN party will take place in Milan, Italy!

The event is confirmed for April 6th and 7th, 2019!

💰 Price

To attend the party, the entree fee will be of 30 euros. This incluides the entrance and a fully equiped gaming PC for the 2 days.
If you bring your own PC, a discount will be applied and, additionally, you can be provided with a monitor and the cables that you may need.

🗺️ Location

The LAN'll be at "VGP Home" and it is in Via Monte Nero 78, near Piazza 5 Giornate:

📍 More information

Join the UrT discord for more information!
You will find there:
- dedicated channels with the organizers ready to answer your questions,
- the confirmed guest list of people attending,
- info on schedule, prices and anything that has not yet been brought up

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