Early World of Warcraft Story Edition


Early World of Warcraft Story Edition

Background on the Ahn'Qiraj invasion
The tribe's warriors went deep into Black Rock and defeated the Flame Demon bravely. Finally, the heroes in the United Alliance defeated the black dragon prince Nefarios within the Black Wing's Nest above Black Rock. It seems that the earth has returned to peace.

But far away inside Silithus desert, the southernmost tip of Kalimdor, the outpost battle of Cenarion Council learned that the desert started move, numerous xenophobia poured outside the ground, as well as a group of Twilight believers who believed within the ancient gods began. Appeared, this scene can't help but remind people who Azeroth was almost destroyed inside the once quicksand battle, since the Cenarion Council as well as the night elf Archdruid's Vandral deer helmet cannot bear it, quicksand He lost his only son in the battle, and lastly relied within the tri-colored dragon like a bait to seal the terror creatures who claimed to become the Qiraji forever behind the massive beetle wall of Silithus. Will history repeat itself? No, these times by no means, our adventurer will collect the fragments on the quicksand scepter that had been damaged that year, and reopen the beetle wall. We will go deep in the temple of Ahn'Qiraj, and talk with these Qirajis and in it. The black hand crafted a real break.

So in my ballet shoes in history, the tribe along with the alliance truly abandoned the first sort suspects, jointly raised combat preparation materials, and worked together to discover the pieces from the quicksand scepter. In the face on the disaster, the interests on the race, the collective conflicts, as well as the personal grievances were so trivial. Under the scorching sun, from the Silithus desert, the hero held a quicksand scepter and struck the cause in the imprisoned millennium. The war began. Using WOW Classic Power Leveling can effectively help players quickly help the game level quickly. Avoid players wasting lots of time in unnecessary links. At the same time, it helps players through some difficult game links. And all this only requires players to cover low fees.

The ancient god Cthulne is hidden inside depths with the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. This monster called Thousand-Eyed Devil lingers there just like a nightmare, cursed for flesh and blood, and eats, madly deceiving the Qiraji to invade Ai The mainland of Zelas, unfortunately, finally fell towards the hands in the Alliance plus the Horde in the leadership with the Bronze Dragon. It seems that the earth once again ushered in a very brief peace.

Arthas, hmo's Prince of Lordaeron, now the Lich King, after working fierce struggle with Illidan for the Frozen Throne, he spent too much effort to cultivate and recover. Now he's stronger than he was at that time. What King Ner'zhul didn't do, he'll do better today, therefore, the Scourge could make a comeback again, and as being the vanguard, Arthas' guide and loyal servant Lich Kel'Thuzad will lead a tremendous Floating War Fortress-Naxxramas is visiting this familiar and unfamiliar Azeroth continent.

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