The four most popular races in World of Warcraft


With the continuous update of the World of Warcraft version, there are more and more races in the game. These races also have their own characteristics in terms of talent, appearance, and skill movements. Until now, racial talents have become less and less helpful for characters, so the appearance becomes The most important criteria for players to choose a race.

Male Maghan Orc
In the early version of World of Warcraft, the appearance of the orcs was not so popular. The tribal players prefer male tauren, but the tauren have been playing for a long time, and they will always be aesthetically tired. Therefore, the male orc was born, and the tribal party was added in version 8.0. Race Marghan orcs are available for players to choose from, because most orc warriors in World of Warcraft are redskin orcs, which also makes Marghan orcs and Classic WOW Gold the first choice for tribal warriors.

.Male Void Elf
Void Elf is also a new race of version 8.0. Compared to male blood elves, male Void Elves have less femininity. This high-value, plus masculinity has led many players to embrace the Nether Elves. Male Void Elves Has become the most handsome male race in the Alliance. Looking back at the human male and the night male, it's almost speechless.

Female blood elf
World of Warcraft has the largest number of players and is also the race with the highest face value. The number of blood elf players alone can counter the number of players in the alliance. Although there will be occasional aesthetic fatigue after watching for a long time, there will still be many players choosing blood when the new number is built next time. Elves, players who like blood elves can't stand other races anyway.

Female Light Forged Draenei
The 8.0 version of the Alliance race casts Draenei, although there is almost no difference in appearance from the old version of Draenei, but after wearing certain specific transformations, such as the glorious sleeve, you will find the door to a new world. From the appearance, the light cast Draenei can definitely kill the blood elf. The reason why there are not as many blood elf players, the more reason is that the hoof, some like, some dislike.

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