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In the new version of "World of Warcraft" 8.3, as Enzos returned to the continent of Azeroth and fell into panic and chaos, evil forces shrouded in this once and peaceful place, and swarming armies carried destruction and endlessness. The darkness, the invasion of the mind, the collapse of the earth are all disturbing. In the battle with Enzos, the warriors not only need the courage to move forward, but also the escort of auxiliary tools.

Obtaining reputation in the new version is extremely important. This will provide players with a powerful help in the confrontation with Enzos. Then how to obtain reputation and WOW Classic Gold is also a problem. Fairview Valley and Uldum each have updated a new reputation, which is also closely related to the future. Compared to energy, the reputation task is much easier. The raids are divided into two types: big raids and small raids. The big raids are Enzos's assaults on the two main maps in the 8.3 version. The weekly rotation of Fairview Valley and Uldum. Assaults are routine, and it takes about 20 minutes to complete one. The small assault is the invasion of the native race of Uldum or the Fairview Valley map. It resets every 4 days or so. It takes about 20 minutes to complete a small assault. The rewards for both big and small raids are very generous, which is also one of the important sources of prestige. It is enough to admire the raid for two months alone.

When it comes to raids, you must mention the Splendid Valley and Uldum events. Uldum's new prestige is the Uldum coalition. The base is in Lamu Kaheng. There are 3 types of raids, namely, the ancient god raid and Yakim. Raids and Amassett raids. In Uldum, players can receive 3 to 4 daily tasks every day. Depending on the type of raid, the content of the received tasks is also different. Of course, the amount of Vanilla WOW Gold obtained will also be different. And in different raid areas, the refreshed monsters and rare are also different. The allies of the Splendid Valley are Legani Mogu. The stronghold is in Wulin Village. There are also three types of raids, namely, the ancient god raid, and the mogu raid mantis demon raid. Fairview Valley also has 3 to 4 daily tasks. The raid mode of the ancient god raid is similar to Uldum. You can get 75 prestige by completing daily tasks. At the same time, small events are different. Complete 50 prestige once and can be repeated. It is one of the ways to fight monsters.

And there are four statues in the Leiden room that Fairview Valley can interact with. They are Qinglong Suzaku White Tiger Xuanniu, corresponding to one of four buffs, which can improve efficiency or enhance battery life. The four buffs are Yulong Xiafan, Flame of Hope, Snowfury Xiafan, and Zanxia Xiafan. Yulong Xiafan needs guidance, inflicting 25,277 Fire damage every second to all enemies within a 20-yard cone, recovering for all allies. 37,915 health for 6 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown. The Flame of Hope can summon the Echoes of Echo to cooperate with players to fight, and the Echoes will resurrect the player after his death. Snow Wrath turns into Snow Wrath incarnation for 30 seconds with a 10-minute cooldown.

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