2020 Urban Terror FallCup


Fun FallCup - Season 8
5v5 Multimode league. Format: group stage + playoffs. Only ONE player from the TS Cup allowed per team*.
12 teams
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CTF FallCup - Season 32
5v5 Capture The Flag league. Format: group stage + playoffs. No player restriction.
8 teams
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TS ProCup - Season 25
Elite 5v5 Team Survivor league. Format: group stage + playoffs. Players taking part in the ProCup have restrictions in their FunCup participation.
The *best* 10 teams
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BM FallCup - Season 16
5v5 Bomb Mode. Format: double elimination cup.
8 teams
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It's been way too long since you left your M4 and Beretta in the bottom drawer of your summer mansion's closet.

After the SpringCup and prestigious NationsCup, for the third time this year, the best players in the world will be recognized with a global event to salute their (decades of) effort in mastering the very best Quake III mod: Urban Terror.

Starting on October 12th, thirty-two teams from around the globe will compete for the CTF, TS, BM and FUN Gold Cup

We hope you've got your guns polished and your knives sharpened because signups are already open, so, head over to the Competition page and sign up!

The UZ staff is always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have, they can be reached via PM on the site or on Discord!

PS: no need to scratch off the rust from your Colt and Glock, they will remain in the "FIX ME PLS" safebox.

*A team can have several TS ProCup players in their roster but only ONE can play at a time in game.

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