New World: Tips and Tricks for Beginner


When players are ready to start their journey around the world of Aeternum, but no one said that the trip would be an easy walk. Because New World is such a massive online experience that it can be difficult for new players to know where to start. This article brings some useful tips and tricks to help you take the first steps correctly, save you from wasting time, and give you pleasure from the gameplay.

Experiment With Your Build

The early game of New World gives you a surprising amount of freedom. New World invites you to experiment with the offered systems with no solid class system to be found. You level up weapons and abilities by simply using them more.

As such, you should maximize your early game time by trying out new weapon types to see which you find most comfortable. Don’t get precious about where you allocate your skill points, either. You can respec them all for free up until Level 20. Take some time to figure out which is the most fun for you and build your character up from there.

Salvage Gear And Stuff

You’ll want to get used to salvaging items quickly when you are in the menus. Of course, You can sell your unwanted equipment for new world coin. However, more often than not, you’ll be looking to salvage the weapons and armour that you out-level.

Doing so will then break the weapon or armor down into repair parts, which you can use to make repair kits if you didn’t know already. Repair kits are items you can use to repair both weapons and armor in the game.

Use Storage Shed

Having enough storage in New World is a constant battle with how many bags you’re carrying and how many items you’ve stuffed into your storage shed at the closest settlement. You can never have too much space.

If you visit a city, you can look for a storage shed to put some stuff in here and lose weight for your inventory. Storage Sheds are personal storages that can be found in any settlement. It has a weight limit of 1000 but can be increased when you increase your settlement Standing.

Use Camps

A Camp in New World is primarily used to recover Health, to craft basic items, or as a Respawn point.

One of the earliest quests you will receive in your first town will allow you to unlock Camps. Then, as you level up more, additional quests will become available which unlock upgraded Camps.

Fast Travel

New World has a massive open-world map to be explored. However, venturing on foot takes a lot of time. Players can fast travel for an easier journey.

New World players will have had to visit certain places before fast traveling to it. After that, players will have the option to fast travel to the settlement or use the Recall To Inn function if the player has stayed in that inn. This recall function has a cool-down of about an hour, which is important for players to keep in mind if they want to travel to multiple places in a short time.

Choose Factions

One of the most important choices you’ll make in the open-world MMO is your faction allegiance. There is a total of 3 factions you can choose from. If you really want to play everything in this game with friends, you should go into the same faction or play those big faction wars (PvP) together with your friends.

The faction you choose has a big impact on your gameplay. After selecting one, you cannot join a different faction for the next 120 days.

Was this article helpful? If you want to know more about New World, feel free to browse here.

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