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Category Urban TerrorReleasesClients
Submitted by Nexu
Author's Name
Version 251210
Compatibility Urban Terror 4.x, Win32 (Old CPUs/MMX-only/non-SSE2)
Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:39 pm

Optimized executable; builds of ioq3 engine for Urban Terror

This project replaces only the executable of urban terror with a latest version of ioq3 engine, optimized and enriched with several new features and fixes.

Notable features

* Raw Mouse Motion (High-Definition) and Raw Mouse Keys support for Windows clients: in_rawmouse 1; it also eliminates cases of negative acceleration.

* Several Surround even on Stereo Headphones Systems (Hear audio coming from the back differently):
o dmaHD with 3D H-HRTF audio, Speed-of-sound mapping according to medium: Air or Water, Natural Doppler effects, automatic memory management, 2 alternative mixers, optimized for headphones and available to all OSes (the default; s_useopenal 0, s_useikalizer 0)
o OpenAL with OpenAL-Soft library or a hardware implementation (s_useopenal 1 and appropriate library). It is also required by VoIP.
o iKALiZER: win32 only (s_useikalizer 1, s_useopenal 0)
* Google Translation in chat with /translateAuto 1 or with /translate
* Unicode fonts Rendering, mainly for Google Translation output.
* Win64 binary support first developed for this project [with actual qvm compilation]
* Funstuff, Radio Audio and part of other audio are pre-Loaded to avoid potential freezes of FPS (blocks of rendering, shown with blank gaps on lag meter). This was a q3-wide UrT issue that applied when someone else joins the game or funstuff is set on the fly, or when some audio files are heard for the 1st time [Bug reports: 1, 2]
* Mumble Positional Audio (hear others in '3D') - 'to use it, start Mumble before you start ioq3, and run the game with +set cl_useMumble 1' - more info at mumble
* Microsecond Definition support; it potentially increases efficiency of the engine and makes it possible to use any integer on com_maxfps; /sysMicroGranularity.
* An important issue of dropping audio on auto firing is fixed (it was giving the illusion of lower firing rate); it affected Base and dmaHD audio and it can be tuned with /s_smpRepeat.
* Reduce CPU usage explicitly with com_Sleep or automatically with com_SleepWhenMinimized/Unfocused (this will often reduce FPS, mainly useful for saving CPU time; settings in milliseconds; sane values 0-40).
* Voice (VoIP) for servers that support it (/cl_voip 1; ioq3 server: /sv_voip 1). Full instructions are here. Bind a key to +voiprecord to talk, '/voip muteall' to mute all. It requires OpenAL and a high /rate.
* Meters with stats for Ping, FPS, Snaps and Packets
* Quiet console; avoid seeing the same technical messages over and over when map changes.
* /zoomsensitivity; avoid scripts by using a direct multiplier on your normal sensitivity only when zoomed. e.g. /zoomsensitivity 1.5 means sensitivity x 1.5
* Teleportation: bind a key with /bindteleport and transfer back there when key is hit (locally or with rcon; server cmd: /teleport x y z).
* Motion Blur (at least on NVIDIA); /r_motionBlur 1; r_motionBlurStrength to tune the strength of the effect
* autotimenudge set timenudge automatically - experimental feature - do not use when spectacting or right after round change - see notes below
* Anaglyph rendering with 3D glasses
* /sysexec, execute an external program (in the path or using full path). This can be used to control external applications via controller utilities.
* /totaltimerun - report the total time the client has run since its internal var was first saved plus the time run for current session.
* Stopwatch of millisecond accuracy
* 'server is full and server is for low pings /reconnect' workaround; plus no need to wait to hit /reconnect on a 'server is full' that may erroneously report 'for low pings'. [Bug report: 1]
* SDL system for accessing input, graphics and audio hardware; this may improve access to input, audio and video hardware.
* Alarm mechanism on clock
* Built on recent compilers
* Blank the screen temporarily with +blank (/bind x +blank)
* /rebind: bind a key to a cvar and its current value. Useful for making gear-sets binds on the fly during gaming.
* Windows clients can hold more than 512 .pk3s.

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