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Category Urban Terror
Submitted by RedSnappa
Author's Name
Version RC6
Compatibility Urban Terror 4.x
Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:50 pm

I present a Nadeball map of a kind not seen before. This map has goals of various heights and sizes with point values between 1 and 20. The point values are intended to make the map suitable for general use.

While the map is a Nadeball map in FFA and TDM, it supports TS, FTL, CAH, CTF, and BOMB as well. In those gametypes, the Nadeball goals are closed and the map functions like a normal map.

The gimmick in this map is that the ice covering the central lake can be broken with several grenade blasts. This opens the underwater passages, which will drown players due to their length before the ice is open, while making it harder to slide quickly across the map.

The map has bot support (although a large number of bots can cause crashes), but the bots do not know to shoot at Nadeball goals. I recommend using Goose bots, as they are the only ones that use an HK69.

Icecastle is dedicated to the memory of [LCDLC]NADE (1972-2010), founder of LCDLC clan.
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