Discussion on hit info when streaming

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Re: Discussion on hit info when streaming

Post Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:21 am

see hits +1.


Re: Discussion on hit info when streaming

Post Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:42 pm

- Zmbiie

I've read pretty much everything, and I must say I can't disagree with what you said Ikslo, but yet, I remain thinking that I would like to see hits if I was watching a stream, doesn't matter what kind of stream, could be public, pickup, pcw, cw or gtv, I'd want to see the hits.

Just because you agree with all my points, does not mean I am right. All of this is weighing the pros and cons in regards to the subject, but not all arguments have the same weight, and most arguments against have very little weight compared to the rest. The reason all of these arguments are written here, is because it makes no sense to have a discussion on a conclussion rather than the reasoning towards it. Currently when weighing the quality of the interface all of those small things (and a few of them quite larger) keep me on the "off" decision, which is why this topic was created... to get arguments to scew the weight etc., like what you and mv have done.

- Zmbiie

My argument would have been that, as a viewer, you want to know what is exactly going on in the game, you see two people fighting, you see them hitting eachother, BUT you don't know how many hits are given, it could be 2X17 which will basically have a non existant importance in the round, or it could be 2x29 or 1x29 + 1x51 which SHOULD offer the opportunity (especially in the nowadays "meta") for the team to do a move and finish what their teammate started.

Anyway, you got a very good point about the new players which actually made me think that my argument was futile, but no, I still think new players would want to know too. They'll be interested in what they see first anyway which is the gameplay, the POV, etc, then, as they get interested in the game, they'll understand infos and like it, imho.

Wonderful to have an example to show your point. :>

I'd like to ask: While this is something that happens almost every round before the big push where everything gets hectic, how often is this seen on stream? Out of 10 people to be watching the one/two who got this information is 1/10 (one on only one team) or 1/5 (one on both teams). So that would be maybe be once or twice per map, or is my estimate wrong?

It is certainly true, that a new viewer, after learning the game slowly from watching only, would begin to transform into a semi-expert on the game, who then is able to draw from more detailed information. To exemplify this, let me make a parallel to the StarCraft viewer's interface. For a new viewer, they will mainly disregard all information and only look at the battlefield, to then begin to read supply, resources and the minimap, to then at some point production, until they read all of the interface. The one difference I can see though, which is why it works for StarCraft II, but I can see it not working here, is that the StarCraft II's interface is very static, with the biggest eye-drawing element being the resources, since those two numbers changes fast. All other numbers or icons do not change often or much, thereby demanding less focus. Specifically the hit information is a larger amount of text, popping in from nowhere to then push up other lines. That way it creates a large area of the interface, which demands focus more than most if not all other parts of the UI.

- Brainie

Zmb makes good points. You gotta accomodate yourself to experienced viewers.

I think instead of displaying the damages given/received you could just turn on the hit sound. Thats what they do in quakelive broadcasts and it works well.

Considering the current viewership, that would be true. Would it in any way possibly exclude non-experienced viewers and present the game in a lesser light than it deserves? I think those are the big questions that all of those arguments in the long text were trying to answer.

I already got hit sounds on, and the sound of the game compared to my voice (and others, should I remember to do a proper sound-check as I did forget last sunday) is relatively loud, but still there is evidence for a wish to see the hits anyway, with the explanations given by mv and Zmb.

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