Tips to Quickly Climb the League of Legends Ranked Ladder

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Tips to Quickly Climb the League of Legends Ranked Ladder

Post Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:27 am

League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and peaks at nearly 8 million concurrent players daily, according to Riot Games. Of course, that also means there are countless experienced players out there in LoL.

Always Know Your Champions

This is actually a no-brainer. Believe it or not, though, many players still underestimate the importance of knowing a chosen champion. By doing so, you are able to understand their abilities and can help come up with dozens of synergies with your own favorite champions. This also significantly helps in countering your opponents’ picks.

If you are unable to name all of your selected champions’ five abilities, then you are going to have a problem. If this is something you cannot do, then you should not start playing ranked for now.

Focus on a favorite champion

You can quickly climb in ranked if you specialize at playing a champion in a particular role. Once you learn the mechanics of the champion, you can focus on being in the right place at the right time for your team and set them up for victory.

Going from unlocking a new champion to consistently “maining” them won’t happen overnight. It will take hundreds of games to learn the best items to buy, which other champions you synergize best and worst with and the right mechanics to employ.

On top of that, like most conventional sports, you should watch film. Re--watching your games will uncover mistakes and let you rethink your decision-making tree.

You won’t get better by just watching your own gameplay. Find the highest-ranked person who plays the champion with whom you are trying to improve and watch how they play. You’ll learn a lot from what they do and how they explain it to their audience.

The devil is in the details. Even if you are outmatched by a more powerful champion, you can make tiny decisions that put you ahead in kills and objectives, which can help you become strong in the late game. If you know at level two, for example, you are going to do more damage compared to your opponent, then you can be aggressive and look for a kill or push the wave enough to do tower damage.

Don’t Just Focus on LP – Focus on Improving as Well.

If you really want to become a good League of Legends player, then you shouldn’t just be focused on LP – you also have to focus on improving. This may seem obvious, but you shouldn’t spend your time worrying about getting LP; you should be focused on getting better.

When you finish a match, the first things that run through your head shouldn’t be “how much LP did I lose” or “the other team shouldn’t have won.” Instead, your thoughts should be something along the line of “What can I do to play that game better” and “What did I do wrong?”

Don’t let your fellow teammates or your loss of LP throw you off your game and stop you from improving. Don’t be afraid of losing LP to the point that it causes you to have anxiety each time you play, because this isn’t going to get you far.

Don’t Get Frustrated.

If you continue to lose at LoL, you may become frustrated. Instead of getting frustrated, stop what you’re doing and take a breath of fresh air. Think about your gameplay and figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Many times, teammates blame each other for losing, and this isn’t a good way to improve. Instead of being the one that blames your team for losing, ignore their moves, and look at your own gameplay.

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