Quiet Conquerors

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Quiet Conquerors

Post Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:25 pm

We are looking for 4 more players.

Destroyer(NL) made a clan named the Quiet Conquerors.

Our ingame tag is <QC> we have our own public server with 28 slots and B3 bot. Also 8 bots are always on the server. We have also a 14 slots CTF/AFF/TDM server it is also or clan server.

We stand for fun play and for respect at all Servers and for all UrT players, we are fun and war oriented, when you join us you can expect friends to play with for fun, and a war team to compete against other clans.

Our xfire clanpage is at: www.xfire.com...munities/qcurt/

If you want information about the clan or, if you want to join contact Destroyer(NL) or Byta at their xfire's:

Destroyer(NL): destroyer244 or msn ricardohere86 @ hotmail.com

Byta(UK): Byta

Add one of us, or both, if you want more info or if you want to join the clan.

Download Xfire here www.xfire.com/download/


-30 hours CTF experience


-Good Sense of Humor

-Urban Terror 4.1

-xFire is recommended because we will communicate over xFire.

-15 Years or older! exception perhaps.

We will see you on the battlefield as an Urban Terrorist, and hopefully in the future, as an Quiet Conquerors clanmember or clanfriend.

Sho what we have and what are we doing

1 We play very soon CTF Competition on Urban-zone. www.urban-zone.org/ind...e&cid=8996
2 We have or own Blacklist (Ban-list) hunting hackers and cheaters everywhere.
3 we have 3 servers all public and one server with B3 bot

For now i hope you like us if you want to join its important to make a account on or website quietconqueror.webs.com/ any problems you can add-me on msn or xfire.

Xfire destroyer244

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