Wrong date in challenge emails

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Wrong date in challenge emails

Post Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:55 am

Hi Kendle,
I've received an e-mail when team USA challenged us for the following match: urban-zone.org/index.p...ture=21797
The e-mail says "A game of Urban Terror has been scheduled in NationsCup XVII for 30-03-2014 15:00 against Team Austria-Hungary."
The time is wrong, they have challenged it for 21:00 CET.
I don't know if it says 15:00 because emails are always expressed in that time zone (would be strange), or if it's because it's team USA's time zone, but it would be better if I saw my own time zone in my emails. Or at least the time zone should be added to the e-mail, like "for 30-03-2014 15:00 (GMT-5)".

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Re: Wrong date in challenge emails

Post Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:12 pm

The time is actually in the time-zone of the person creating the challenge.

It would actually be quite difficult to get the time right in the email subject / message because it composes the email before deciding who to send it to, on the basis that there might be multiple recipients (you can flag more than one team member as a recipient of email notifications), and of course those multiple recipients might be in different timezones as well.

The better solution would be to not include the date / time in the email and require you to look at the match fixture page, which will automatically show you the correct time (assuming you're logged in when viewing the page and have set your timezone correctly in your account).

I shall make it so, tho not sure when! Smile

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