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Captain Applications

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:11 pm
Author: Rocket-
If you want to be the captain of your nation or region send your application to urbanterrorleague@gmail.com (or on discord - pm Biddle) by 18:00 (CET) of January 27th, 2021. Add the following information to the application: Auth name, UZ name, country, age, clan, and a comment. Things you could add to your application are real name, number of years you’ve played, and other relevant information which may help voters decide whether you're the right person to be their nation's captain.

This post is for information only. Captain votes for countries with more than one candidate, will start on January 25th, 2021.


Argentina - Arexo
Australia - Howler
Belgium - Rocket
Brazil - apocalypsenzn
Canada - Thomas-EWarfare
Colombia - WarFaIeR
Colombia - L4ns3R
France - Simca
Germany - ne0dym
Italy - Yzerman
Netherlands - Vrederust
Portugal - A3rox
Slavic - BrTk
Turkey - Tiesto
United Kingdom - Maku
USA - Mustang

Venezuela - PuPiLOoOoOoO Withdrawn

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