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Re: False ban

Post Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:40 pm

This has gone on long enough, it is time to summarize and finish this (probably not to everyone's satisfaction).

Our proof extends beyond IP overlap. It includes GUID overlap, and not a single instance either; multiple ones were recorded, in fact. Even if we decided to believe the "my cat did it" story, stlr said himself he let "starf0x" use his connection and his game identifier. His credibility - to us and to anyone who does not wish to play with people like starf0x - is gone. At the very least, he lent his identity to a banned person. That should be bad enough. If IP and GUID are not good enough for some of you, we actually have proof of other overlap of those two identities, in this website. To simplify it, the starf0x identity shares identifiers with the stlr identity in the Urban Zone website. For everyone here that means that starf0x, the banned identity, was directly involved in the making and usage of the stlr identity.

At this point, it is unimportant whether they are two people or one. Stlr is bringing cheating and identity theft into this competition and community. Or at least he was, until the problem was brought to the attention of UZ admins who put in a lot of work and effort into making sure there was no mistake before banning a player in what is a dwindling community.

Thank you all for your input and concern. We made an informed decision based on multiple resources and even though we may regret it, we are not going to change it because it is a correct one.

Thread closed. Shoot you soon.


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